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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not broken! lol

I guess my whoo-haw isn't broken. I'm pregnant! hahaha! Probably not the most lady-like or "motherly" thing to say. Oh well. What can we do? hehe.

Alma and I spent our two year anniversary at the doc's office "meeting" our baby for the first time. It was wierd! We saw her (hehe. i've decided i'm having a girl) little heart fluttering on the monitor. We are 8 weeks pregnant and I gotta say so far, it's been pretty kaea. lol The continous nausea, dry-heaving, and vomiting throughout the day is not cool. Then the huge boobs, okay that's not to bad hehe, but the feeling like someone lit my nipple on fire and the constant throbbing is terrible! Oh and the constant feelings of hunger which for some reason can never be satisfied ,which then leads to more nausea and dry-heaving really wants me to slap my baby. lol
And I am only in my 8th week of pregnancy...Poor, poor Alma. lol

Sometimes I find myself thinking, dang I wish my whoo-haw was j/k! I'M HAVING A BABY!!! WHOOOP WHOOP!!!!