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Saturday, November 28, 2009

"I'm excited for you babe..."

Everyday Alma makes me laugh. Everday he makes me feel loved. And everyday I am thankful for him.
This morning I woke up feeling a bit icky. All night my legs were aching, but I was so tired, I didn't even bother getting up to take some tylenol. I woke up with a stuffy nose, chills, and still aching legs. My loving husband gave me some medicine, an extra blanket, and a kiss on the forehead. He asked me if I needed anything else to just call. What a total sweetheart.
I woke up refreshed! That medicine I took really does knock a girl out! lol. I get up and check on Alma in the next room. He was out for the count. So while Alma slept I wandered around our house trying to keep myself busy. I watched T.V., cooked me something to eat. Washed a couple dishes (I didn't feel like finishing, so I just washed a, tweezed the brows, and surfed the net. And by "surfing" I meant facebooking, myspace-ing, and blogging. lol
Alma FINALLY woke up and we talked and laughed and he got on the XBOX. eh. It was soon time for din din and so I walked in the kitchen to see what we could eat. During all my "house wandering" I forgot to take meat out the freezer to defrost. oops! *singing* I did it (that song always pops into my head when I say that!) Lucky for me, Alma says he want to eat saimini w/ spam. Sweet! So I grab two beef flavored saimini pkgs, chop up some spam and get his dinner ready. I opened the fridge to get a drink and I saw the extra steak from Thanksgiving still marinating. Nice. I asked Alma if he wanted that instead. "Nah. I don't like eating steaks if they're not grilled on the bbq" Pssh. Okay Rachel Ray. lol. So I decide I want to eat it.
So while my husband is eating his saimini I'm chowing down on my steak and stove top stuffing. Yummy! I gave Alma a piece and he was shocked at how delicious it tasted! I guess when you marinate meat for 2 days, it tastes awesome. It really was good. It tasted better then the steaks we had on Thanksgiving! If you read my last blog, you know how we felt about our Thanksgiving steaks. lol.
I started to feel bad that I was eating steak and stuffing, while my husband was eating saimini and spam. Both very tasty, however, one is better than the other. I offered my dinner to Alma and he kindly refused. I said, "I thought you liked it? You said it was really good" "I know hon. It is. It's actually REALLY good. You go ahead though." "okay." A few seconds later, he looks at me and says, "I'm really excited for you babe. That steak is so good!" bwahahahaha! Kalofae. Needless to say we split the steak.

Friday, November 27, 2009

At least the potato salad was the bomb...

This year has been a year of "firsts" for Alma and I. We were married in March (yay) and so we've had the wonderful opportunity to spend the holidays together for the first time ever. Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. It was a bittersweet day for me. This was the first Thanksgiving I was not at home with my family, but this was the first Thanksgiving I was with Alma. :)
We had talked earlier in the week about what we wanted for dinner. We both decided to ex the turkey because it was just the two of us and we're not big fans of turkey unless it comes in a form of sandwich meat. haha! Instead we opted for steaks. yummy! Alma got off Thanksgiving morning and put the ham in our crock pot, that way it can slow cook and be ready by the time it was time to eat. So smart, that guy. Our menu consisted of ham, steaks, potato salad, stuffing, and hawaiian rolls. For the drinks, Alma bought us a few bottles of Martinelli's Apple/Grape cider (Thanks to Tim, we're hooked on that stuff!). The menu sounded delicioso!
While Alma slept, I cleaned the house and got dinner ready. He was going to grill our steaks when he woke up, so all I had to do were the side dishes. It was a slow day for me, because I wasn't with my family. It was weird having to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Usually mom does all that while we go to Dawson park for our annual turkey bowl.
When the ham was ready, I woke Alma up to grill our steaks. Of course when he goes out to grill them, he comes back in and tells me we've run out of propane. We probably should've checked that earlier in the week when we decided to have turkey for Thanksgiving. But all was not lost. He just "grilled" the steaks on our stove top. Something he didn't want to do, because apparently steaks are better when they're grilled instead of fried. Whatever.
The food is ready, the table is set and we're ready to eat. We bow our heads and give thanks to our Father in Heaven. I bite my lip, trying to fight back the tears. All day I had been thinking of how much we have been blessed and my heart was full. I purposely had Alma say the prayer, so I wouldn't have to pray and wet our dishes with my tears. lol.
We had a lot of food for just the two of us! We only had one serving, because we got so full. I know, totally weird. hehe. We sit on the couch and watch a movie. We're not really paying attn to the movie because we're talking and laughing so much. Alma then leans over to me and says, "Babe, I'm sorry dinner didn't turn out so well." I laugh and say, "What? It was perfect." He shakes his head and tells me, "I didn't like my steak." I laugh more and say, "I liked mine. Hun. It was fine. really. I almost finished mine." He looks away for a second and then says, "I didn't like the ham, either." I laugh even louder and a half a second later I admit to him, "Yeah, I didn't like the ham...or the steak" We both crack up laughing. He looks at me and says, "At least the potato salad was the bomb" I agreed.
Next year I'm hoping my cooking skills will be on point or else we're going to the buffet. So I guess, we'll be going to the buffet. lol.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A love letter...

The other day I was on my myspace inbox looking through old letters. Well, I was looking for one specific letter actually. I've been wanting to delete my acct for some time now, but cannot remember my old email password to finalize the deleting process, so I guess I'm stuck with a myspace. I know, how tragic. :) Anyhow, I remembered a letter Bonnie fwd to me about a conversation her and Alma were having about me while we were dating. I wanted to find it and print it out to keep. I found it and re-read it for the first time since I got it last year! I forgot how beautiful it was. Of course I'm reading the letter and crying like a baby. What a dork. I print it out and put it in my journal. I'm hoping I won't ever lose it, because I think it would be something nice for our future children to read.
Anyhow, Alma walks into our room when I'm done printing it out. He asks what I'm doing and tell him about the letter. He looks at me a bit confused. I ask him, "Don't you remember writing it?" He says, "no." I look at him and go, "How can you not remember? How many of these dang letters have you written to girls to where you don't remember?" He laughs and says, "I'm kidding, of course I remember writing that. I just don't want you telling people, cause it'll make me sound gay."
Yes, people. My husband is worried about sounding "gay." Kalofae. I had to sit him down and tell him he doesn't have to worry about "sounding gay" because he already is gay. lol. I love you Alma. And no worries, I decided to listen to you for once and not tell anyONE about the letter. Instead, I decided to blog about it and tell EVERYone about it. lol.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


For the past few days I've been making it a point to write down, at the end of each what I am grateful for. Alma and I are here in Tacoma this weekend and I forgot to bring my little notebook, so I wanted to include my "thanks" list in my blog.
I am thankful for Zion Kennach. I am thankful for his testimony shared today. His humility and love shown today really touched my heart. I am thankful for his willingness to serve the Lord and his example to his peers and to us as members of the church.
The church is true. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Thank you Elder Kennach for reminding us of our Father's love. :)