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Monday, April 2, 2012

Leila's song...

For a while now, Leila has been singing this song she learned from Dora the Explorer to Simione. She substituted the first words with Simione's name. She sings it every time he cries or whines or whenever we ask her to. And everytime, no joke, Simione stops crying and smiles when she sings it. The tune is so catchy, everyone in the house gets it stuck in their minds. During any given moment, you will hear anyone of us humming or singing the song.
Most recently, Maxi's started taking Leila's job with the singing when she's not here. Simione stops crying for the most part, but only when Leila sings the song does he completely stop crying and smile.
He absolutely loves his cousins! His eyes are always glued on them when they're in the room. He seriously lights up everytime he sees them. Can you blame him? They're amazing!

I wish I had a video to post of her singing to him. Alma has it on his phone, but I'm not sure how to post it and besides our current computer is evil, and erases pictures/videos whenever we try to upload them. ugh. (that's a whole diff blog)

"BABY SIMIONE GUENOS NOCHES, BABY SIMIONE GUENOS NOCHES..." My mom tried correcting Leila's espanol, but she just could not pronounce Buenos and so Guenos it is! lol. I blame Dora for not enunciating her words while singing the song. lol

How blessed I am to have these lovelies in my life!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

He likes it!!!

We have been feeding Simione rice cereal mixed in with his bedtime bottle to help him sleep during the night and to satisfy is ever growing appetite. My past blog, I wrote about my first attempt at spoon feeding him the baby cereal and how it was a no go. He just spit it back out.
I told myself to keep trying especially since I know that it may take up to 10 tries for a child to eat/try a new food. Do you think I did? NOPE. I know, I'm terrible.

Well, tonight I decided to try spoon feeding Simione. I sat him in baby Sai's high chair and gave him a small amt. And whatta' know, he ATE it! In fact, he wanted more!!! I was going to slow, so he started screaming a bit and slamming his hands on his tray. What a brat. lol
yay! I'm so happy! I really wanted him to try eating his baby cereal first via spoon before I started him on other baby foods.

He's also sitting up better. Not quite on his own, but better. yay for milesones!!! Love you my beautiful baby.