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I'm a Samoan girl named Toga. Thanks for that, Dad.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes I think something is terribly wrong me. As if I'm missing a screw...or two...or three. hehe. This morning I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us keep the sabbath day holy and to be mindful of His spirit. Of course, all morning I struggle with my "annoyance button". I could just feel myself getting so annoyed with Alma for very minute things! One glance over to me and seeing my eyeballs rolling or jaw clenched, and my husband's "annoyance button" would also be tested. Only he's got his "button" in check. Me? not so much. He would try and smoothe out the situation by apologizing and trying to say something funny.
I knew Satan was doing a number on me today. I knew that he knew I was struggling. That I specifically asked my Father to help me keep the sabbath day holy. To be mindful of His spirit, because I was on the borderline to just turning on the TV and not go to church. But what I also know is Heavenly Father answers prayers. That he gave me the will and the opportunity to be successful today. I know that just as hard as Satan was working on me to give up, Heavenly Father was HARDER to insure my success. I was watching Bruce Almighty a while ago and I've always remembered what Morgan Freeman said to one other character who was struggling with her prayers being answered. She had prayed for the ability to love and forgive her husband and she felt she never got it. He then told her, when the Lord answers prayers, he doesn't just GIVE people the ability to love he gives them the OPPORTUNITY to do so. Today, I remembered that and was able to utilize it. Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to keep the sabbath day holy. He gave me the opportunity to go to church, to renew my convenants, to feel His spirit. It was up to me to partake of it, and I did. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

No more sleeping in...

Today I had a lazy day. I didn't clean our house or wash the dishes. I slept all day and loved it! Alma ran some errands and then came home. Of course, he asked if I wanted to come. I just rolled over and kept sleeping. He asked me if I planned on getting up soon. "sure." He said okay and off he went. I didn't wake up. I didn't even hear him come home. I started to wake up when I heard the shower. Just as I was rolling over I opened my eyes long enough to see my husband. And you know what I saw?!?...HIS BALD HEAD!!! My husband bought a pair of clippers on his way home from running his errands and shaved his head while I was sleeping. After the initial shock, I don't think it looks bad. I actually like it. Needless to say, I probably won't have another "lazy day" any time soon. Who knows what he'll do the next time I sleep all day! I might wake up with MY head shaved!!! lol. OH, Almer you sure do keep me on my toes! I love you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Alahzei walks out the door pulling her mini Dora suitcase. Bottom lip hanging, fighting back the tears. "Alahzei wait. I wanna give you a hug." She stops, tears are now in full effect. "I love you Zei. Thank you for coming to my house. Honey, don't cry. I know. You'll be back. I love you, okay?" She nods her head, still crying and makes her way to the Jeep.
"Leila, give aunty a kiss." Leila leans forwards, "Mwuaaah! Lahhhv you!" "I love you, too baby."
Hugs and kisses given, I love you's exchanged, and one by one they get into the Jeep. Bags, blankets&pillows, footballs pads, shoes, and purses are crammed to the top in the back. Last minute "I love you's, are you okay to drive?, and say a prayer!" were exchanged. We stop for a minute for prayer and off they go! And just like in April, I stood in the driveway waving, yelling my good-byes and fighting back my tears. I go to my room, lay in my bed, cry, my husband comforts me, I plead with the Lord to please, please, PLEASE watch over them. I fall asleep. When I wake, my eyes are little puffy from crying, I call Paaga to see if they got home okay; they did. :) I hang up, get a text from Ebony. I cry. I blog. I cry while I blog.
Will this ever cycle ever end?!? I know people are reading this thinking, "uh, they're only 3 hours away girl. Quit you're cryin'!" I know that. My brain knows that. My heart? Not so much. As long as I am not living in Tacoma, I will ALWAYS miss them. I just wonder if it will ever get easier. I actually thought being away from them was getting easier for me. Today's events just flushed that thought down the toilet. lol. As I finish off this blog, I begin to think of how so many memories we've made with only you guys staying for one night! I laugh remembering how "Peedus and Living with HPD" will always make me think of your visit. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you for loving us. As always, we love you.

Not a creature was creeping, not even a mouse...

My loyal "followers" hehe, all know our family from Hawaii have been visiting with us since the beginning of the month. This morning, they all left except for Dad. No more hearing Seta and Mo running up and down the hall. No more, "Uncle Malma, Uncle Malma!!!" No more, "Uncle Malma, I wanna play Mariokart!" No more hearing their beautifully, cantagious laughs. No more sidewalk chalk art on our driveway. No more Andrea, Vika, Loti, Tilly, Seta, and Mo. :( We love you guys and miss you. Thank you so much for visiting us and giving Salem a chance. It's no island paradise, but it's our home, we love it, and we thank you guys for sucking it up and staying for more than a day. hehe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


10. air freshener
9. non-stick pans
8. ALWAYS pads hehe.
7. HOT water
6. underwire bras
4. rice cooker
3. eggo waffles
2. best foods mayo
1. q-tips.

Please excuse my blog background...

I was feeling pretty computer savvy this afternoon, and decided to update my blog background. As you can see by the fobbish decor, I am not as "savvy" as I thought. hehe. No worries though, The Kennach's and Semeli's 1.5 (only Ebo and Zei) are on their way!
This past weekend OSU held their football camp and we were blessed to have had the opportunity to get Loti and Bobo into camp for FREE!!! Okay not me, but Alma. I don't have any friends. Let alone ones that are able to hook us up with anything worth while. hehe. Tomorrow is their last day of camp and there will be a scrimage game, so those guys decided to come down and visit and see the game. The more I get to know Alma, the more I realize how extremely nice this guy is. Not only is HE super nice, but his FRIENDS are also! Man, I need to make some friends. Some super cool ones. eh, who am I kidding? I don't want any. lol. Alma's the only friend I need. Besides, he HAS to be my friend. We're stuck together for ETERNITY!!! *cue evil laugh* MUWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pedicured toes!!!

I am happy to report that today my wonderful, wonderful husband gave me money to get my toes done. yay! I haven't had a pedicure since we got married, and well, they were pretty gross. Alma even asked me why my feet were so rough. lol. I told him because the money to get my feet done is better used for something else. I haven't even had my eyebrows waxed since we got married, either! ahhhh!!! I've been forced to tweeze my own eyebrows which has been such a chore, but it's saving us money, right?
Not today. Today, my husband told me to go get my feet done AND get my eyebrows waxed!!! yay!!! I'd like to think it's because he loves me and wants me to be happy, but he most likely got tired of my feet scratching his feet and legs. lol. And he probably got tired of seeing my hairy eyebrows. hehe. Thanks honey! You're the bestest husband I've ever had! lol. I love you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last night I cried. Not out of sadness, but out of happiness. I am so very blessed! How can I not be happy? I look at my husband and I feel so loved. He is all I've ever wanted. He is the answer to a prayer I've had for so long. Now, if only he could fly. hehe...
My in-laws are in town. It's been a really great time. I'm getting to know them better and am having a good time doing it. We're all in Tacoma this weekend. Alma and I came for Leila's b/day. Everyone else just got here about an hour ago. Alma went with them to get a hotel room, and now they're off to the Yamauchi's. I decided to stay home because I don't feel like going anywhere. Hopefully later I'll feel like doing something useful. Until then, Leila and I will be hanging out at home. :) Should I feel bad that my in-laws are here and I decided to stay home? I didn't even go outside to say hi. I was busy cleaning the house and besides, I wasn't wearing a bra. lol. I know, that was probably T.M.I. but oh well! The truth is the truth! haha.
How powerful is this thing called love? Alma and I have only been married a few months and I've managed to gain what looks to be a MILLION pounds within a small amount of time (that's like a world record or something, right?) yet he still calls me beautiful and makes me feel so gorgeous! Man, this whole "love" thing is really powerful. lol.
Enough of this randomness. I've gotta get back to creepin' on myspace. hehe.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leila Cakes.

Alma and I are in Tacoma for Leila's birthday this weekend. Wow. I cannot believe this little monkey is turning two! She amazes me every time I see her. From the time she was born she has brought nothing but joy into our home. When she is gone, our home is so BORING! She makes us laugh and brings such a sweet, sweet spirit into our home. When Alma and I were courting (lol, I just wanted to use that word. hehe.) we talked about our future and how I would be the one making the move to OR. I was happy to start my life with Alma, but not so happy knowing I would be moving. Leaving my family was a really hard thing to even THINK about. Knowing I would be missing Leila grow up and when Maxi was born...even more depressing! ugh.
Leila Cakes, I love you. You are such a blessing to our family. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. Thank you for choosing your Sai and Paaga to be your parents. I'm not so sure that was a smart thing to do, but at least you have us. LOL. You're a monster, but it's a good thing I'm used to being surrounded by monsters; a.k.a. Paaga, Mua, Ajay. :) When you realize you're parents are lame, you know how to reach me. lol. WE LOVE YOU LEILA CAKES!

Monday, June 8, 2009

oh what a life!

Last week Alma's sister, Vika and Dad came from Hawaii by way of Utah to visit. This past Saturday Andrea, the kiddos (Salamo & Eseta), and Loti came, too. This is the first time I'll be spending time with my new familia since we've been married. At first, I was really very apprehensive about their visit. Not because I didn't like them or want them to come, but because I was afraid they'd get to know me better and decide they didn't like me. I know, people not like me? It's a tough thing to understand, but hey stranger things have happened. haha.
The first night they got here, all those worries faded away. I love them. Well, I've always LOVED them, but I'm so much more happy now! I love that there is no awkward silences. I love that they are comfortable here in our home. I love that they are so accepting of me. Now, I still have little worries that I continue to bug Alma with every night when we're in bed, but he continues to reassure me his family loves me. I just nod my head and say, "okay. babe."
I guess what I really want to say is I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this! I sit back and look at my life and really take in all the wonderful, wonderful blessings that surround me. I am sealed to a man who continues to teach me everyday what it means to love. And with this wonderful man, I have also gained a wonderful new family. He works full-time, provides for our home, feeds my face, so that I can stay home and be pretty. :) What a sweet, sweet deal! I hope he doesn't realize that he's getting ripped off. lmbo! I lalalalalalala love you Almer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Oh Pake Cake how I love you.

Oh how soft and delicious you are through and through.

Where have you been my whole life?

Just now have I discovered you since I've become a wife.

I carry you in my purse, in place of my wallet cause you have more worth.

I lalalalala love you Pake Cake even IF you make my thighs big and stomach shake.

Ever since I've been with Alma, I've been introduced to different foods I would never have eaten had it not been for him. Some have been better than others. But my fave so far is the wonderful, wonderful Pake Cake. lol. My sister-in-law Andrea brought so many treats from Hawaii, but my fave is the plastic bag of Pake cake I have in my purse. lol!