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Saturday, November 28, 2009

"I'm excited for you babe..."

Everyday Alma makes me laugh. Everday he makes me feel loved. And everyday I am thankful for him.
This morning I woke up feeling a bit icky. All night my legs were aching, but I was so tired, I didn't even bother getting up to take some tylenol. I woke up with a stuffy nose, chills, and still aching legs. My loving husband gave me some medicine, an extra blanket, and a kiss on the forehead. He asked me if I needed anything else to just call. What a total sweetheart.
I woke up refreshed! That medicine I took really does knock a girl out! lol. I get up and check on Alma in the next room. He was out for the count. So while Alma slept I wandered around our house trying to keep myself busy. I watched T.V., cooked me something to eat. Washed a couple dishes (I didn't feel like finishing, so I just washed a, tweezed the brows, and surfed the net. And by "surfing" I meant facebooking, myspace-ing, and blogging. lol
Alma FINALLY woke up and we talked and laughed and he got on the XBOX. eh. It was soon time for din din and so I walked in the kitchen to see what we could eat. During all my "house wandering" I forgot to take meat out the freezer to defrost. oops! *singing* I did it (that song always pops into my head when I say that!) Lucky for me, Alma says he want to eat saimini w/ spam. Sweet! So I grab two beef flavored saimini pkgs, chop up some spam and get his dinner ready. I opened the fridge to get a drink and I saw the extra steak from Thanksgiving still marinating. Nice. I asked Alma if he wanted that instead. "Nah. I don't like eating steaks if they're not grilled on the bbq" Pssh. Okay Rachel Ray. lol. So I decide I want to eat it.
So while my husband is eating his saimini I'm chowing down on my steak and stove top stuffing. Yummy! I gave Alma a piece and he was shocked at how delicious it tasted! I guess when you marinate meat for 2 days, it tastes awesome. It really was good. It tasted better then the steaks we had on Thanksgiving! If you read my last blog, you know how we felt about our Thanksgiving steaks. lol.
I started to feel bad that I was eating steak and stuffing, while my husband was eating saimini and spam. Both very tasty, however, one is better than the other. I offered my dinner to Alma and he kindly refused. I said, "I thought you liked it? You said it was really good" "I know hon. It is. It's actually REALLY good. You go ahead though." "okay." A few seconds later, he looks at me and says, "I'm really excited for you babe. That steak is so good!" bwahahahaha! Kalofae. Needless to say we split the steak.

Friday, November 27, 2009

At least the potato salad was the bomb...

This year has been a year of "firsts" for Alma and I. We were married in March (yay) and so we've had the wonderful opportunity to spend the holidays together for the first time ever. Yesterday was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. It was a bittersweet day for me. This was the first Thanksgiving I was not at home with my family, but this was the first Thanksgiving I was with Alma. :)
We had talked earlier in the week about what we wanted for dinner. We both decided to ex the turkey because it was just the two of us and we're not big fans of turkey unless it comes in a form of sandwich meat. haha! Instead we opted for steaks. yummy! Alma got off Thanksgiving morning and put the ham in our crock pot, that way it can slow cook and be ready by the time it was time to eat. So smart, that guy. Our menu consisted of ham, steaks, potato salad, stuffing, and hawaiian rolls. For the drinks, Alma bought us a few bottles of Martinelli's Apple/Grape cider (Thanks to Tim, we're hooked on that stuff!). The menu sounded delicioso!
While Alma slept, I cleaned the house and got dinner ready. He was going to grill our steaks when he woke up, so all I had to do were the side dishes. It was a slow day for me, because I wasn't with my family. It was weird having to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Usually mom does all that while we go to Dawson park for our annual turkey bowl.
When the ham was ready, I woke Alma up to grill our steaks. Of course when he goes out to grill them, he comes back in and tells me we've run out of propane. We probably should've checked that earlier in the week when we decided to have turkey for Thanksgiving. But all was not lost. He just "grilled" the steaks on our stove top. Something he didn't want to do, because apparently steaks are better when they're grilled instead of fried. Whatever.
The food is ready, the table is set and we're ready to eat. We bow our heads and give thanks to our Father in Heaven. I bite my lip, trying to fight back the tears. All day I had been thinking of how much we have been blessed and my heart was full. I purposely had Alma say the prayer, so I wouldn't have to pray and wet our dishes with my tears. lol.
We had a lot of food for just the two of us! We only had one serving, because we got so full. I know, totally weird. hehe. We sit on the couch and watch a movie. We're not really paying attn to the movie because we're talking and laughing so much. Alma then leans over to me and says, "Babe, I'm sorry dinner didn't turn out so well." I laugh and say, "What? It was perfect." He shakes his head and tells me, "I didn't like my steak." I laugh more and say, "I liked mine. Hun. It was fine. really. I almost finished mine." He looks away for a second and then says, "I didn't like the ham, either." I laugh even louder and a half a second later I admit to him, "Yeah, I didn't like the ham...or the steak" We both crack up laughing. He looks at me and says, "At least the potato salad was the bomb" I agreed.
Next year I'm hoping my cooking skills will be on point or else we're going to the buffet. So I guess, we'll be going to the buffet. lol.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A love letter...

The other day I was on my myspace inbox looking through old letters. Well, I was looking for one specific letter actually. I've been wanting to delete my acct for some time now, but cannot remember my old email password to finalize the deleting process, so I guess I'm stuck with a myspace. I know, how tragic. :) Anyhow, I remembered a letter Bonnie fwd to me about a conversation her and Alma were having about me while we were dating. I wanted to find it and print it out to keep. I found it and re-read it for the first time since I got it last year! I forgot how beautiful it was. Of course I'm reading the letter and crying like a baby. What a dork. I print it out and put it in my journal. I'm hoping I won't ever lose it, because I think it would be something nice for our future children to read.
Anyhow, Alma walks into our room when I'm done printing it out. He asks what I'm doing and tell him about the letter. He looks at me a bit confused. I ask him, "Don't you remember writing it?" He says, "no." I look at him and go, "How can you not remember? How many of these dang letters have you written to girls to where you don't remember?" He laughs and says, "I'm kidding, of course I remember writing that. I just don't want you telling people, cause it'll make me sound gay."
Yes, people. My husband is worried about sounding "gay." Kalofae. I had to sit him down and tell him he doesn't have to worry about "sounding gay" because he already is gay. lol. I love you Alma. And no worries, I decided to listen to you for once and not tell anyONE about the letter. Instead, I decided to blog about it and tell EVERYone about it. lol.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


For the past few days I've been making it a point to write down, at the end of each what I am grateful for. Alma and I are here in Tacoma this weekend and I forgot to bring my little notebook, so I wanted to include my "thanks" list in my blog.
I am thankful for Zion Kennach. I am thankful for his testimony shared today. His humility and love shown today really touched my heart. I am thankful for his willingness to serve the Lord and his example to his peers and to us as members of the church.
The church is true. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Thank you Elder Kennach for reminding us of our Father's love. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Why DON'T I go to the temple more often?
I love being there. I feel at peace there. My heart is full when I am there. I have the great opportunity to help my brothers and sisters who have gone before me. It's the closest I can be to being with my Father in Heaven. Everything is so much better in the temple. My day is brightened when I go to the temple. So tell me again, WHY don't I go to the temple more often?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you.

My heart is full. My mind is at ease. We've prayed together. We've taken our prayers to the temple. We've prayed separately. We've done all that we can and asked Heavenly Father to take us the rest of the way.
It's been a bit of a struggle for the Toelupe house these past months. With certain goals wanted, came sacrifices for us and our family. Today, we are able to put one BIG one behind us and move forward. Today, my heart is full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father. He has blessed us so very much already and I am so thankful He continues to bless us. He is real. He hears our prayers and He answers them.
I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for my family. He has answered our prayers these past months through them. Regardless of their responsibilities, they have so willingly taken on our struggles and have made our life so much easier. We are indebted to you. We look forward to the day we are able to return the love.
Dear Lord, thank you for all that we have. For all that thou continues to bless us with. Our love, our faith, and our gratitude will always be for Thee. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


On September 29, 2009, Fiona B. Boisjoiles made her journey back to our Heavenly Father. An example of love and compassion. Fiona always put her family first. I am one of many of have benefited from her love and care. When I think of you, I think of laughter, good food, super tight braids, dingle balls, UB40, our trip to Magic Mountain. I cannot express how much I love you and how grateful I am to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with you. I am honored to have known you and to be your niece.
People always say, "They're in a better place." These past few days since your funeral, I've really thought about that and you know what? You REALLY are in a better place. Free from the pains and sins of this world. My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been strengthened so much more this past week. It is because of my knowledge and faith in Christ I am finding peace. It is because this gospel I know our sadness is but for a short time.
"My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment"
-D&C 121:7
I love you always and will miss you forever. Until we meet again...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lately I've been so overwhelmed by the Spirit. I've been brought to tears at the thought of my Father in Heaven and His very many blessings. More and more I continue to realize how blessed I am. I've always recognize my Father's hand in my life. I've always be grateful to Him for all that I have, for all He continues to give me. But lately...lately these blessings have been so much more magnified. My prayers have become so much more heartfelt. I find myself "counting my blessings" more often than not.
I questions myself and wonder, "why now?" Why are you feeling so much more grateful? As I sit and contemplate these things, I begin to realize it's because of the temple. Going to the temple has enabled me to feel so much more closer to my Father in Heaven. It has given me a sense of peace and hope. I often think of how much the temple has blessed the lives of those around me. How making sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven has changed these people for the better. How I have been touched by their examples of faith.
This summer Paaga and I were able to attend Ben and Priscilla's wedding. We had a wonderful time. Of course there was tons of laughter and tears, but one of the things that has stuck in my mind is my dear Ula. She, too has had the opportunity of receiving her own endowments. So when I talk to her, I can see and hear the blessings of these sacred ordinances she has made. I love what the temple has done for her. Thank you Ula for your example.
My own sister Paaga and her husband, Sai. They have been married for 3-4 years now (?) and I have seen how they have tried to make their family eternal. Seeing them each weekend go to the temple. Seeing how they make it a point to go together. Knowing they are constantly trying to raise their little family so they will reach their celestrial goals. Thank you for your examples of faith.
I am falling "in love" with the gospel all over again. Heavenly Father's blessings have indeed been abundant in my life. I thank Him everyday for all that I have. My hope is I will continue to be worthy to receive these blessings. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lesson learned.

Alma, thank you for reminding me how important it is for us to share our blessings with those who need it most. I am humbled by your desire to serve your fellow man. My testimony is strengthened by your example. You're right, everything we have is because we asked for it. Why not help someone else who is "asking for it"? I love you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another great weekend.

Mom, Aunty Pela, and Bobo were with us this past weekend. It was really great to FINALLY have mom come see our house. Aunty, too. :) This weekend was a great opportunity for Mom and Aunty to get some R&R and for Bobo and I to get some new clothes. sweet! We loved having this opportunity to spend with Mom. We rarely do get this chance when we're in Tacoma because she's always working or going to the gym. Two things I don't do; work or work out. lol.
It's just really nice to have a place where my mom and family can just come and relax whenever they want to escape from their lives. Thanks Mom and Aunty for giving Alma and I a chance to spend time with you. We love you so much. Thanks a ton for feeding our faces and buying me new clothes and especially for my uber cute J.Simpson bag. :) Come back soon!
Bobo: You've got big things ahead of you. You can EVERYTHING on your list. I just know it! You're a super great guy and I love you. I can't believe you're so grown. It makes me feel so old. lol. Thank you for visiting. VIVA LA OSU!!! lol. But first, get good grades, do awesome on your SAT's, because remember it doesn't matter how pretty you are or how good you are at football, if you're a dum dum they won't take you! lol.
Thank you guys so much for cleaning our yard! It looks FANTASTIC!!! I'd tell you we'll keep it up, but I'd be lying. I hate yardwork. haha.

Friday, August 28, 2009

$10 pilates dvd and equipment...waste of money.

This weekend we will spend it in Tacoma with mi familia. yay! In preperation for our weekend getaway, Alma and I always clean our house before we go. Today while he and Noah are putting up our fire alarms and fire extinguisher (safety first!) I am folding laundry and cleaning our room. We're all jammin' to music and having a good time getting the house together. I'm feeling good, they're feeling good. Everyfing is kewd. :)
I begin cleaning out our closet; getting rid of clothes we dont' fit or wear. Mostly don't fit. hehe. Getting rid of Alma's 5 pairs of tennis shoes he has never worn...ever. They're still BRIGHT WHITE. Waste money this guy. hehe. I find random things in our closet; a receipt from Walgreens in Vegas (good times), .25 (yes!), random socks, a G.I. joe figurine, and my lovely coach purse. :) An awesome gift from the bro-ham Tim last Kirisimasi.
I'm still cleaning and dancing. Still feeling good about myself even after I find my favorite pair of jeans I haven't been able to fit since I got married. Tell me again, why did I get married? It's totally ruining my life. lol. j/k. My last find in my quest to clean my room in great spirits...2 $10 pilates DVD and workout equipment Alma and I bought 3 months ago. I laugh to myself remembering what I told Alma when we bought them. "Babe, it's only $10! I've done pilates before and it's great! This is so cool. We can start doing pilates together." I'm laughing because, 1. We've done pilates a total of ZERO times since we've bought them. and 2. They're still in their packages...unopened. lmbo! Wait. I lie. One of them is opened. I opened it when we got home the day we bought them just to see what the equipment looked like. Since then, they've been pushed against the wall, behind our computer. haha! But I've decided I will no longer let these potential "miracle workers" stay hidden behind the computer. Today I will pick them up... and put them in my closet with those jeans I no longer fit. haha!
Here's to wasting money on workout DVD's and equipment!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tina.

Today you turned the big 83! We called you today to wish you happy birthday. Of course you didn't remember. :) You actually told me, you forgot it was your birthday. haha. Alma's been trying to "forget" his birthdays since he turned 30...3 years ago! lol. You are so funny. Between our trying to wish you happy birthday, the first thing you asked me was, "How are you two doing?" I answer, "fine" You said, "good. I want to hear that." Even on your own birthday, your concern is whether or not I'm being a good wife. In fact, you're not the first person to ever ask me that? Why is that? Did Alma say something to you? lol.
I am so grateful you are still here with us. I love you so much. I use to worry you weren't going to be here to meet the man I married. But there you were. Crying when I told you I got married. Mad, because you weren't there. But that instantly turned into a smile when you saw Alma.
In so many ways I am still a selfish little girl, who worries about YOU not being around for ME. But what gives me peace is this wonderful gospel we are a part of. :)
I hope today was a good day for you. I know it was for your family. Today, I'm pretty sure each of us paused for a minute to thank the Lord for allowing you to be with us another year. I'll see you on Saturday, Tina!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

...for the temple is the house of God...

What a great day. Full of love. Full of learning. Full of tears. Full of prayers. As I sat in the temple and looked across to my love, I could not help but feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with this wonderful man. Oh how thankful I am for you! You are everything I have ever wanted. Heavenly Father does indeed answer prayers. My heart is full. I love you. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for loving me and thank you for letting me love you. Together forever; you and me. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dancing's my passion...hehe.

Phyllis has started her dance group up again. And because dancing is my passion, I've offered to help her. haha. Have you ever done something you really, really loved? Dumb question, huh? Lots of people do stuff they really, really love. Well, my whole life I've only done one thing I REALLY, REALLY loved doing. I know, lame. Quit judging me. Well, dancing is the only thing I've ever done that I REALLY, REALLY loved. So why did I ever stop, you ask? Why didn't I ever go to PCC like I always wanted and dance? Because I'm an idiot.
Anyone who knows me, knows I HEART PCC. In my mind I, Tuituiotoga Linsley Toelupe (still getting used to that. haha) am the owner of this wonderful, WONDERFUL land called PCC. No one loves it more than I. Stop laughing! It's totally true.
For a long time I have wanted to dance again. But for a long time I've also been FAT. So with my dreams to dance, my dancing body has also gone down the drain. The McDonald's, Burger King, OCB, China King Buffet drain.
So why haven't I been teaching? The whole, those you can't do, teach saying. ugh. I said I love dancing, not I love to teach dancing. That is whole different ball game, if you ask me. It takes so much patience and kindness and tact. These are skills one needs in abundance. I, for one, only have these skills in small, small, very tiny spurts. Enough to get me through the grocery line at Walmart (that barely is enough.). I have to borrow some of Alma's just to get me through that. I just want to go to practice, learn, dance my butt off, and go home. How awesome is that?!?
So with all this said, I am so very excited to help Phyllis. I am not teaching anything. I'm mostly just there to help her with whatever she needs. Plus, I'm gonna start dancing, too. :) But only in the very, very back. It's my way of exercising while doing something I love. That way, when I do get my 30 years in the making, "hot summer body" I'll be sure to push all them skinny b^%ches to the BACK! lmbo!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my continued quest to be a better cook...or at least one that won't kill my husband.

I was on a roll today! First, I made breakfast for us AND he loved it. Of course, breakfast food is my specialty these days. :) Then came dinner...dun, dun DUNNNN!!! I made hamburger helper, rice, and corn. He ate it. ALL of it! WITHOUT gagging, or making that it's nasty, but keep eating it so you don't make her cry face. He thanks me for dinner, finish his glass of water, and leaves me to wash the dishes. WTH. Tell me again, Why do I want to be a better cook?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I wish Joseph was my friend...

I thought I was done posting about my wonderful Sabbath, but I just had to come back and add one more thing. :) We learned about our prophet, Joseph Smith and the wonderful friendship's he had. He had written in his journal about his gratitude towards his wonderful friends. He spoke of their faithfulness, their steadfastness, their love and loyalty to him throughout his life. He often gave thanks for these relationships. We spoke of how we can strengthen our friendships, begin new ones, and even "start over" with old friends.
As I sat and listened to the words of our beloved prophet, I thought of my friends. I found myself reminicing (sp?) of all the great times we shared and how blessed I am to have them. When the subject of friends come up, I often say "I don't have any friends." But I do. I am so very, very blessed when it comes to these people. Each of you have been a great example to me, whether you think so or not. I sat in class naming all of you, tearing up at how much we have shared throughout the years, smiling at how long we've come. And with my thoughts of these people, I also thought of the old friendships I was able to get back. What a wonderful life I have! I pray that one day I may be a good a friend as Joseph Smith. What a great example he is. I wish he were my friend...:)

Sunday, I've missed you.

Today we talked/learned about service. The Spirit was so strong in class. I loved hearing everyone's testimony about this commandment. I was reminded of my Savior and His great example of service. His life was dedicated to serving others. To serving me. One comment made in class in regards to our Savior almost had me bursting out in tears. He spoke of our Savior and His life of service. He spoke of how the Savior walked a lonely road. It was our Savior's reason here on this earth; to serve us and die for us. Jesus Christ performed the greatest acts of service for us all...the Atonement. It is through service we can be closer to our Father in Heaven. It is through service we can attain eternal life. One cannot just pray for the sick and afflicted or the homeless. One must get up and serve them. The old "actions speak louder than words" quote comes to mind. I walked out of class having a renewed desire to serve others. Do I plan on going out and doing this HUUUGE service project? One day. But until then, I'll start by serving in my home. What a great day. Sunday, I've missed you. Thanks for today. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today's highs:

Today was a long day for us. But as I lay here on my bed with my computer pulled as close as possible to me, typing in a really awkward position, I reflect on today's "highs"
5. Alma and I get to spend this incredibly long day...TOGETHER.
4. We got to spend time with our sister Nat.
3. Family time in the morning, but esp with Gabriel. I miss hanging out with you cuz. Glad you were with us.
2. Hugs and kisses from Leila cakes and Maximo
1. Leila and I walk upstairs, she looks into Tina's room, points at her, looks and me and says, "It's nana! She sleeping. Hi nana."

We spent a total of 8 hours on the road today. Traffic was terrible, but the company was great. These are just some of my highs for today. While I'm typing this, I'm "crying ugly" like Lili does. Mostly at my #1 high for today. It really did melt my heart when I heard this. I could not help but think of my sisters and I at her age, having the same reaction when we saw Tina. Thank you Leila for your innocense and your continuing example of love. You and Max really do make our family better. We were so lame before you two lovelies came along. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

For the love of Clara

I see you now; older, weaker, confused, afraid, childlike. My heart breaks a little. Time has gone by so quickly. My eyes do not recognize the face looking back at me. Father time, you make me sick. I try to think of how you feel. How scared you must be. Not knowing what is really going on. Not remembering where you are, or who we are. When I think of how much you've changed, I cry a little. I still remember when you moved to WA to take care of us. I remember our daily walks around the neighborhood. You with your huge walking stick, us with ours. I remember our early morning prayers and evening scripture readings. I remember our F.H.E. when you would scold me for wanting to be a police officer when I grew up, because girls are not supposed to be cops. :) After I cried, I'd change my statement to, "I want to go on my mission when I grow up." We both know how that turned out. lol. I remember how you would make us take our monthly dose of castor oil. YUCK! Or how you throw all the leftovers into a pot and call is "sua" whatever. lol. That is where my love of leftovers or "scraps" comes from. lol. I remember hearing you sing while you played your guitar. I also remember how you would make us all line up and sing "I'll Find you my Friend" over and over and over...bleh. :) My life is full of memories of you. My life is better because of you.


I was in court on Thursday. Waiting for my turn to testify, I began playing solitaire with the deck of cards left in the waiting room. I was taken back to when I was younger, watching you play solitaire on the floor or on the table. I always think of you. Whenever I see a temple, I think of you. How you always told me whenever you go to the Lord's house every pain or discomfort you had in your body ALWAYS went away. Whenever you were feeling weary you always said you have to go to the temple, because that is how you will get better. You are my example of faith. I got married this year. You were right. When I'm in the temple EVERYTHING is better. I am stronger when I leave then when I went in. Age has slowly taken your memory. At times you don't recognize me, but when I tell you who I am, your face lights up as if you've been waiting and waiting for me. My heart melts a little. When I tell you again I got married in the temple, you light up with pride and instantly tell me to give you a kiss. My hearts melts a little more. When I think of how you hurt. When I see A.J. cry for you. And as I sit and type this. My heart breaks.

Tonight I cried for you. I sobbed for you. I couldn't stop. I pleaded for help from the Lord. I called AJ asking for you. She started to worry because I was crying so hard. She assured me you were okay. That you were asleep. I finally stop crying. I feel better, but now my eyes hurt.

Me being annoyed, childish, and still not caring. My feelings are still valid!

I don't know about any of you, but when I write my blogs, the ones I think are pretty funny I ask Alma to read it. I ask him to read it because I want to see his reaction. I want him to read it, because I want him know what I blog about. He's my husband and I like sharing stuff with him. So tonight, I ask Alma to read a couple of my blogs because I think they're funny. He says okay and starts to read. I'm reading along with him, but I ask him to read out loud so I can hear my beautifully crafted writing (so conceited) and hear his reaction. Of course he reads out loud but is reading so fast that he's mumbling. So all I hear is every 7th or 8th word. To make matters worse he's reading with zero feeling whatsoever. Needless to say I'm annoyed. I'm a bit offended that he doesn't think my writing isn't funny, because THEY ARE. But I'm mostly upset that he doesn't care, or he doesn't act like what I'm writing is important enough for him to PRETEND like he cares. I realize that those of you reading this blog may think I'm being a child, but I say to you...shush yo mouf. I don't care! But I love you guys. And of course now he's apologizing because he knows I'm upset about something. And of course somehow in the end I'll be apologizing for being a child. ugh. Sometimes I hate being an adult. hehe. I still lalalalalove you Alma.

Getting to know my new family.

This week some of my new cousins, my bro-in-law his wife are in town working on the Seattle temple. Since Alma and I are also in town we wanted to have dinner with our family. Alma, myself, and Zeno picked up Nat (sis-in-law) from the train station and off we go to Bellevue to meet with our family. Alma comes from such a gigantor (yep, that's a word.) family and it's really nice meeting them in small groups like this. :) Tonight, I got to spend time with Doug&Dori Stone, their four beautiful children (Brian, Brig, Ben, Zion), Marvin & Nat, and of course my hubbster and Zeno. It was great talking with these guys and laughing at their stories from back in the day. Dinner was great, the atmosphere was full of love. What else can a girl ask for? Well, a size 10 waist wouldn't hurt. hehe. I laugh, but I'm totally serious. lol.

Mea ga e maua soga fia young ma hip ma

Last December, Alma and I went out to play pool with some of our family. Afterewards they wanted to go to Denny's. Alma and were reluctant to go because it was after 2am, we're old, and we wanted to sleep. We were talking in the car about just going home, but then decided no. We are going to be young and hip and cool tonight! We are going to Denny's regardless of the fact that our eyeballs want to fall out due to our exhaustion or that our bones were sore from all the days activities; watching t.v., driving around, eating...etc. So off we go to Denny's. Things are going fine. We're having a good time with each other as usual. Then the cook draws our attention to the parking lot of Denny's. There's a fight outside that did not end very well. And because I'm nosey and couldn't stop staring, however many months later, today I had to show up to court and testify as a witness. The next time Alma and I decide we want to be young and hip and cool, we will remember that night at Denny's. But aside from our night at Denny's, we'll also remember that well, we're not young... or hip... or cool. Mostly likely because I still say the word "hip" lol.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr. visit.

It's been a while since I've blogged anything about my life. It's partly because of my laziness, but mostly because my boring life. lol. Lili, I mean the "blog patrol" told me I should blog about my Dr's visit today, because she thinks it'll be funny. I don't know why. It's not like I had to step on a digital scale scared to death that it would read, "error" because I'm a fatty. Or after a grueling, what seemed to be FOREVER, the scale finally read my weight; 120lbs. Yea, I thought so. :) that my nurse tells me she's my neighbor. So now the nurse, who's had 4 kids but looks to weigh about 5 cents soaking wet, informs me that she's my neighbor! I'm thinking, "great! not only are you NOT 120lbs, but your freakin' neighbor knows it!" That's just lovely. She asks me the reason for my visit. I tell her I need a physical and a pregnancy test. She instantly lights up. Of course comes the trail of questions. "Do you guys wants kids? Are you guys trying to have kids? When was your last period? ooooohhhh" I say yes to all and tell her my last period was in June. I missed all of July. I took a test, it came up negative. I'm not sure if I did it wrong. She gives me a specimen cup and shows me to the bathroom. The cup was pretty wide and so you think I'd have an easy time peeing in it. Uh, no. I still managed to get pee, I mean "urine" on the sides of the cup and on to my hands. ugh! What am I, 10?!? I flush the toilet, clean the outside of the cup, wash my hands more careful then usual, because I've got urine all over them, and I leave. The test comes up negative. It's okay. It'll happen one day and when it does it'll be great! Until then, we'll just feed our nieces and nephews with all the junk they want and then send them home to their parents. :)
The nurse leaves and I wait in the room for about 15mins before Dr. Robertson walks in. We say the usual "hi. how are you. fine. nice to meet yous" He looks at my name and asks, "So, when was the last time you were back home?" I giggle and say, "Well, Tacoma is only 3 hours away, so my husband and I go back fairly often." He doesn't laugh. I quickly re-trace my steps and in a more serious tone, explain to him that I was born and raised in the states. By then, he's already decided he doesn't care. I secretly wish this visit was already over.
The Dr. asks me why I'm here. I tell him. He nods. He goes down a list of questions. I answer. He nods. He asks me if when was the last time I had a pap smear. I say, "never" He looks at my birthday and tells me, I techniquelly don't have to get tested 'til I'm 30. But since I'm almost 30 (I cringe a little at the "well, since you're almost 30" remark) I can get a pap and HPV test now, and if it comes up negative I won't have to get another for a few more years. I instantly start to panic. Why? Well, I was only planning on getting a physical today. I wasn't planning on having the Dr. look at my whooo-haaa. We just met and I'd like to get to know him better before I let him see the goods. lol. My anxiety quickly goes away when he says, "Just schedule it with my receptionist on your way out." whew! I didn't schedule it. I plan on it one day. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Maybe next month. I need to. Or maybe I'll just wait 'til I'm officially 30. For my b/day gift, I'll go get a pap smear and a HPV test. yay!
The rest of the visit goes well. He listens to my lungs, checks my thyroids, (I was secretly hoping something would be wrong, that way I can have a diagnosis for my being so damn fat. Turns out my thyroids are fine and I just eat too much.) looks in my ears. Thank goodness I remembered to use a q-tip this morning. yes! Tasi le mea sa'o. lol.
Alma and I get in the car and we talk about my visit. He laughs. I laugh. We go eat. I decide I want a second opinion on my thyroid status.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

utah trip..

Paaga and I drove drove to Utah for Ben and Priscilla's wedding. If you read Paaga's blog, then you know it was well worth the drive. There's so much more I could include in this blog about our trip, but my inability to fully express myself through words is what stops me. I'm sure when Lili finally gets the chance to blog I'm sure she'll do a great job describing our "reunion" :) So...see Lili's blog. lol.
I'm back home now with my better half. It was great to get away but even better to be back home with mi love. :) corny! hehe. So right now, I'm sitting in the living room while my husband catches up on his ZZZ's because he works the nightshift. I'm waiting for the glass guy to come to our house. On our drive back from Utah, a rock hit our windshield and now we've got a crack. yikes! We decided to fix it on our own because it's WAAAAY cheaper then having the car rental place charge us $400 to fix it. So here I sit, alone, hungry, and sweaty cause it's still hot, waiting for Dave the glass guy. hehe.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

OSU football camp with Peedus and Lotus lol.

I guess we should've told the coaches Bo and Loti come with their own fans. :)
I think Loti's "tongan" hehe. According to my shirt I may have either gone to Kahuku H.S. or I was on the Kahuku football team. (shut up lili lol)

In between their practice, Bo and Loti still find time to pose with their fans. Loti reppin' L-town and Bo reppin' his muscles. lol.

on your mark, get set, go!!!

After Bo and Loti's last scrimmage at football camp, the REAL athletes came on the field to show them how it's REALLY done! lol.

A few of my favorite peeps. :)

I found this picture and was instantly reminded of how much fun we had that weekend. Then I was reminded of how much FATTER I've gotten since last year. bleh. At least I still have my looks, right? lol. What a great family we have!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


One of the many things I love about Alma is his desire to always improve our lives temporally. He is always thinking of ways we as a new family can increase our self-reliance and create a more secure financial future for our...future. hehe. I love that he has short-term goals and long-term goals. I love that these goals are so realistic for us, and what I really love is seeing him work towards these goals.

I have been blessed with an education that allows me to get a job enabling me to contribute to our home. What's even more wonderful about all that, is I have a husband who has willingly taken on the role as "bread winner" and has allowed me to stay home and work on my housewife skills. :) With this new life I've aquired, I've also aquired something foreign to me...a BUDGET! yikes! It's taken alot of getting used to. I no longer am able to just buy those super cute heels or that super sexy, yet church standard dress :) just cause. Instead I have had to program my brain into "You don't have the money, so keep walking and buy the toilet paper you came to buy and go straight home. Quit wasting gas." mode. LOL. We are in no way poor or in dire (sp?) need of anything. In fact, we are incredibly blessed. It's all the "extras" that are not a priority. After a few tears, mourning my once lively bank account, all is well!

Sometimes I do worry about our finances. Every month I ask Alma the same questions; Did you pay your tithing? Did you pay all the bills? Are we okay? Do you want me to go get a job? Because I can get a job. Do you want me to get a job? And every month, he answers the same; "yes babe. I paid my tithing. I paid all the bills. No, you don't need to get a job. we're fine. No. I'm serious. You don't have to. I know, you can. Thanks."

We are finishing up our application process for one of our "short-term goals". I'm excited to begin. Alma's excited, too but also a bit nervous. I keep telling him everything will be okay. But somedays I sit and wonder why the heck am I not nervous. Is is because I'm more faithful than he? Or is it because I'm not the one filling out all the applications? I don't think I have more faith than Alma. Truth is, IDK. I pray about our future. I pray about our plans. Maybe that's where my confidence comes from? Maybe I'm just SO used to having my Father in Heaven by my side that I've become confident in HIS powers? Is that the same as having faith in Him? Or am I just so blind to my arrogance that I've confused it as faith?

This coming Sunday is fast and testimony meeting. Alma and I talked about fasting. About our need to fast. What we are attempting to embark on we cannot do alone. We will not do alone. We recognize our need to have Him with us. But mostly we recognize how much we LOVE having Him with us.

Every now and then I ask Alma if he's sure this is what he wants to do. I tell him I'll be more than happy to just go get a job and we can have a "normal" life. Of course he says no. There are so many things we want to do with our life and our "short-term goals" are going to help us with our "long-term goals". All of this and I'm thinking about going back to school to FINALLY get my bachelors. Thanks alot Paaga. Thanks for freakin' setting an example for me and now I feel the need to go back. ugh. :) Wish us luck!


It's been soooo hot this summer, but these past couple days have been THE hottest! Last night, I slept with 4 fans on me! I had to move to another room in our house, because our bedroom felt like it was 100 degrees. Alma woke me up and my whole back was wet. I know, totally gross. But I was a little bit okay with that, because I figured hey, it's like I'm working out! my sleep! lol. That was my silver lining. lol
Today is no different. Still hot. Still sweaty. Still fat. Still very uncomfortable. Of course with me being so miserable I begin to get a little grouchy also. :( Alma did something, I yell back. He comes after me in the kitchen to make me laugh. I laugh. We start play fighting. I have a glass of ice water in my hand. I push him in the corner and spill the water down his pants. LMBO! I run back into the kitchen. He gets a glass of water and spills it on me. I turn on the faucet and spray him. We laugh and laugh. Our floors are wet. We clean up. Life is good. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes I think something is terribly wrong me. As if I'm missing a screw...or two...or three. hehe. This morning I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us keep the sabbath day holy and to be mindful of His spirit. Of course, all morning I struggle with my "annoyance button". I could just feel myself getting so annoyed with Alma for very minute things! One glance over to me and seeing my eyeballs rolling or jaw clenched, and my husband's "annoyance button" would also be tested. Only he's got his "button" in check. Me? not so much. He would try and smoothe out the situation by apologizing and trying to say something funny.
I knew Satan was doing a number on me today. I knew that he knew I was struggling. That I specifically asked my Father to help me keep the sabbath day holy. To be mindful of His spirit, because I was on the borderline to just turning on the TV and not go to church. But what I also know is Heavenly Father answers prayers. That he gave me the will and the opportunity to be successful today. I know that just as hard as Satan was working on me to give up, Heavenly Father was HARDER to insure my success. I was watching Bruce Almighty a while ago and I've always remembered what Morgan Freeman said to one other character who was struggling with her prayers being answered. She had prayed for the ability to love and forgive her husband and she felt she never got it. He then told her, when the Lord answers prayers, he doesn't just GIVE people the ability to love he gives them the OPPORTUNITY to do so. Today, I remembered that and was able to utilize it. Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to keep the sabbath day holy. He gave me the opportunity to go to church, to renew my convenants, to feel His spirit. It was up to me to partake of it, and I did. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

No more sleeping in...

Today I had a lazy day. I didn't clean our house or wash the dishes. I slept all day and loved it! Alma ran some errands and then came home. Of course, he asked if I wanted to come. I just rolled over and kept sleeping. He asked me if I planned on getting up soon. "sure." He said okay and off he went. I didn't wake up. I didn't even hear him come home. I started to wake up when I heard the shower. Just as I was rolling over I opened my eyes long enough to see my husband. And you know what I saw?!?...HIS BALD HEAD!!! My husband bought a pair of clippers on his way home from running his errands and shaved his head while I was sleeping. After the initial shock, I don't think it looks bad. I actually like it. Needless to say, I probably won't have another "lazy day" any time soon. Who knows what he'll do the next time I sleep all day! I might wake up with MY head shaved!!! lol. OH, Almer you sure do keep me on my toes! I love you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Alahzei walks out the door pulling her mini Dora suitcase. Bottom lip hanging, fighting back the tears. "Alahzei wait. I wanna give you a hug." She stops, tears are now in full effect. "I love you Zei. Thank you for coming to my house. Honey, don't cry. I know. You'll be back. I love you, okay?" She nods her head, still crying and makes her way to the Jeep.
"Leila, give aunty a kiss." Leila leans forwards, "Mwuaaah! Lahhhv you!" "I love you, too baby."
Hugs and kisses given, I love you's exchanged, and one by one they get into the Jeep. Bags, blankets&pillows, footballs pads, shoes, and purses are crammed to the top in the back. Last minute "I love you's, are you okay to drive?, and say a prayer!" were exchanged. We stop for a minute for prayer and off they go! And just like in April, I stood in the driveway waving, yelling my good-byes and fighting back my tears. I go to my room, lay in my bed, cry, my husband comforts me, I plead with the Lord to please, please, PLEASE watch over them. I fall asleep. When I wake, my eyes are little puffy from crying, I call Paaga to see if they got home okay; they did. :) I hang up, get a text from Ebony. I cry. I blog. I cry while I blog.
Will this ever cycle ever end?!? I know people are reading this thinking, "uh, they're only 3 hours away girl. Quit you're cryin'!" I know that. My brain knows that. My heart? Not so much. As long as I am not living in Tacoma, I will ALWAYS miss them. I just wonder if it will ever get easier. I actually thought being away from them was getting easier for me. Today's events just flushed that thought down the toilet. lol. As I finish off this blog, I begin to think of how so many memories we've made with only you guys staying for one night! I laugh remembering how "Peedus and Living with HPD" will always make me think of your visit. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you for loving us. As always, we love you.

Not a creature was creeping, not even a mouse...

My loyal "followers" hehe, all know our family from Hawaii have been visiting with us since the beginning of the month. This morning, they all left except for Dad. No more hearing Seta and Mo running up and down the hall. No more, "Uncle Malma, Uncle Malma!!!" No more, "Uncle Malma, I wanna play Mariokart!" No more hearing their beautifully, cantagious laughs. No more sidewalk chalk art on our driveway. No more Andrea, Vika, Loti, Tilly, Seta, and Mo. :( We love you guys and miss you. Thank you so much for visiting us and giving Salem a chance. It's no island paradise, but it's our home, we love it, and we thank you guys for sucking it up and staying for more than a day. hehe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


10. air freshener
9. non-stick pans
8. ALWAYS pads hehe.
7. HOT water
6. underwire bras
4. rice cooker
3. eggo waffles
2. best foods mayo
1. q-tips.

Please excuse my blog background...

I was feeling pretty computer savvy this afternoon, and decided to update my blog background. As you can see by the fobbish decor, I am not as "savvy" as I thought. hehe. No worries though, The Kennach's and Semeli's 1.5 (only Ebo and Zei) are on their way!
This past weekend OSU held their football camp and we were blessed to have had the opportunity to get Loti and Bobo into camp for FREE!!! Okay not me, but Alma. I don't have any friends. Let alone ones that are able to hook us up with anything worth while. hehe. Tomorrow is their last day of camp and there will be a scrimage game, so those guys decided to come down and visit and see the game. The more I get to know Alma, the more I realize how extremely nice this guy is. Not only is HE super nice, but his FRIENDS are also! Man, I need to make some friends. Some super cool ones. eh, who am I kidding? I don't want any. lol. Alma's the only friend I need. Besides, he HAS to be my friend. We're stuck together for ETERNITY!!! *cue evil laugh* MUWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pedicured toes!!!

I am happy to report that today my wonderful, wonderful husband gave me money to get my toes done. yay! I haven't had a pedicure since we got married, and well, they were pretty gross. Alma even asked me why my feet were so rough. lol. I told him because the money to get my feet done is better used for something else. I haven't even had my eyebrows waxed since we got married, either! ahhhh!!! I've been forced to tweeze my own eyebrows which has been such a chore, but it's saving us money, right?
Not today. Today, my husband told me to go get my feet done AND get my eyebrows waxed!!! yay!!! I'd like to think it's because he loves me and wants me to be happy, but he most likely got tired of my feet scratching his feet and legs. lol. And he probably got tired of seeing my hairy eyebrows. hehe. Thanks honey! You're the bestest husband I've ever had! lol. I love you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last night I cried. Not out of sadness, but out of happiness. I am so very blessed! How can I not be happy? I look at my husband and I feel so loved. He is all I've ever wanted. He is the answer to a prayer I've had for so long. Now, if only he could fly. hehe...
My in-laws are in town. It's been a really great time. I'm getting to know them better and am having a good time doing it. We're all in Tacoma this weekend. Alma and I came for Leila's b/day. Everyone else just got here about an hour ago. Alma went with them to get a hotel room, and now they're off to the Yamauchi's. I decided to stay home because I don't feel like going anywhere. Hopefully later I'll feel like doing something useful. Until then, Leila and I will be hanging out at home. :) Should I feel bad that my in-laws are here and I decided to stay home? I didn't even go outside to say hi. I was busy cleaning the house and besides, I wasn't wearing a bra. lol. I know, that was probably T.M.I. but oh well! The truth is the truth! haha.
How powerful is this thing called love? Alma and I have only been married a few months and I've managed to gain what looks to be a MILLION pounds within a small amount of time (that's like a world record or something, right?) yet he still calls me beautiful and makes me feel so gorgeous! Man, this whole "love" thing is really powerful. lol.
Enough of this randomness. I've gotta get back to creepin' on myspace. hehe.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leila Cakes.

Alma and I are in Tacoma for Leila's birthday this weekend. Wow. I cannot believe this little monkey is turning two! She amazes me every time I see her. From the time she was born she has brought nothing but joy into our home. When she is gone, our home is so BORING! She makes us laugh and brings such a sweet, sweet spirit into our home. When Alma and I were courting (lol, I just wanted to use that word. hehe.) we talked about our future and how I would be the one making the move to OR. I was happy to start my life with Alma, but not so happy knowing I would be moving. Leaving my family was a really hard thing to even THINK about. Knowing I would be missing Leila grow up and when Maxi was born...even more depressing! ugh.
Leila Cakes, I love you. You are such a blessing to our family. Thank you for choosing us to be your family. Thank you for choosing your Sai and Paaga to be your parents. I'm not so sure that was a smart thing to do, but at least you have us. LOL. You're a monster, but it's a good thing I'm used to being surrounded by monsters; a.k.a. Paaga, Mua, Ajay. :) When you realize you're parents are lame, you know how to reach me. lol. WE LOVE YOU LEILA CAKES!

Monday, June 8, 2009

oh what a life!

Last week Alma's sister, Vika and Dad came from Hawaii by way of Utah to visit. This past Saturday Andrea, the kiddos (Salamo & Eseta), and Loti came, too. This is the first time I'll be spending time with my new familia since we've been married. At first, I was really very apprehensive about their visit. Not because I didn't like them or want them to come, but because I was afraid they'd get to know me better and decide they didn't like me. I know, people not like me? It's a tough thing to understand, but hey stranger things have happened. haha.
The first night they got here, all those worries faded away. I love them. Well, I've always LOVED them, but I'm so much more happy now! I love that there is no awkward silences. I love that they are comfortable here in our home. I love that they are so accepting of me. Now, I still have little worries that I continue to bug Alma with every night when we're in bed, but he continues to reassure me his family loves me. I just nod my head and say, "okay. babe."
I guess what I really want to say is I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this! I sit back and look at my life and really take in all the wonderful, wonderful blessings that surround me. I am sealed to a man who continues to teach me everyday what it means to love. And with this wonderful man, I have also gained a wonderful new family. He works full-time, provides for our home, feeds my face, so that I can stay home and be pretty. :) What a sweet, sweet deal! I hope he doesn't realize that he's getting ripped off. lmbo! I lalalalalalala love you Almer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Oh Pake Cake how I love you.

Oh how soft and delicious you are through and through.

Where have you been my whole life?

Just now have I discovered you since I've become a wife.

I carry you in my purse, in place of my wallet cause you have more worth.

I lalalalala love you Pake Cake even IF you make my thighs big and stomach shake.

Ever since I've been with Alma, I've been introduced to different foods I would never have eaten had it not been for him. Some have been better than others. But my fave so far is the wonderful, wonderful Pake Cake. lol. My sister-in-law Andrea brought so many treats from Hawaii, but my fave is the plastic bag of Pake cake I have in my purse. lol!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Friday morning, I decided to cook Alma breakfast. I wanted to do it because he had cooked me breakfast the day before. So off to the kitchen I go. I made him scrambled eggs with spam and sausage in them. yummy! I sauteed some onions. I know, right?!? :) I even made him some eggos. We sat down, said our prayer, and started eating. Just like the last time I made him dinner, everything appeared to be okay. He was eating. He was still alive. Only this time while he was eating, I hear him saying, "mmm...oh wow." I looked up in shock! I asked him, "honey, how's your food?" You know what he said?!? He said, "BABE, THIS IS BOMB!!!" YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! I've managed to make my husband something he actually loves and he's still alive! Maybe it's just dinner I can't make. Maybe my "thing" is breakfast NOT dinner. Yeah, I think it is. I need to buy more eggs. Looks like we'll be eating breafast for the rest of our lives. LOL. Life if good.

I love to see the Temple...

I'll go inside some day. I'll convenant with my Father, I promise to obey. Today was a great day. We went to the temple with the Bryce's. It's the first time I'd been back since March 14th. In only two months I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be in the house of the Lord. I had forgotten how important it is that we go as often as we can.
I had such a beautiful experience at the temple today. Knowing the work I was doing for this sister who had been waiting for so long was finally going to be completed today was very emotional for me. I realize how fortunate I was to be able to do this work for this sister and feel all the same wonderful feelings I had when I first went through. My heart was pounding a mile a minute. I could feel His presence. I could not stop crying. There's a sense of peace that comes with knowing you've done something right.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To Lili, Mua, Michelle, and Paaga...

I hate you guys! ugh. lol. Okay wait. I'm trying to control my thoughts here, so let's turn that to something a little bit nicer...I uh...well, It's just that...umm...EH! forget it! YOU JERKS!!! lol. j/k. i love you guys...sometimes. :)

Last night, I actually made dinner for us. It was even something other than chicken. Matter fact, it had NOTHING to do with soup or baking. I made hamburger and spaghetti. :) I made rice and even a little garlic bread. Okay by "garlic bread" I mean regular sliced bread that was a bit crusty, IDK why it was because the bag is always closed. I just mixed shredded cheese and mayo and spread it on the 4 pieces (we only had enough cheese for 4 pieces. Usually we can eat more than 4,5,or even 6. haha. we're fat. i know. that's a whole different blog.) and put it in the oven until the cheese has melted. yummy! Anyhow, so dinner's ready and I make Alma's plate, get him some water, and a napkin. Then I get my plate ready. We say our prayer and start eating. We're watching T.V., eating, and talking. Everything seems to be going well. He's eating his food. Hasn't spit it out or died. So everything seems to be okay. I'm thinking to myself, "Wow! I think you've FINALLY made something Alma actually LIKES!!! yay!!!" But then I realize he's really putting ALOT of seasoning salt on his food. Actually we're BOTH really putting ALOT of seasoning on our food. I even go and get the garlic salt, because I can't quite get my food to taste right. :( Then I look down at my rice and it looks like sua leisa (rice). DANGIT! ugh. But I keep on truckin'. I look over and Alma's done eating. He's actually finished his food. I'm still a little excited, because he actually finished his meal and appears to not be suffering from any adverse side effects. haha. So I ask him, "Honey, how was your food?" He shrugs his shoulders and just says, "It was alright." I am no longer excited, but I'll take it. Gotta start somewhere, right? Needless to say I probably won't be cooking dinner for a while since my food is just, "alright." I'll be outside cleaning our lawn. ugh. I AM A GUY!!! LOL.
**side note** don't laugh too much you four. Why? Anyone who knows you knows, that you 4, ESPECIALLY LILI, are MEN. I know that you also think you guys are well...GUYS, also. You just happen to wear lip gloss. love ya!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My answer for Lili's blog..."cook with love"

Okay, so after reading Lili's blog I felt a little guilty for not cooking for my husband. He works 5 nights a week and still manages to make sure that I'm taken care of. The least I can do is cook him dinner, right? Well, the two things I can actually make he doesn't care for ; sua moa and baked chicken. Apparently he ate it too much when he was a kid and now cannot stand the stuff. His bad for marrying a girl who only knows how to cook those two things. :)
I do make sure he has eats, has clean clothes on, and blah, blah, blah. However, when it comes to a nice home cooked meal that is where my "wifely duties" are lacking. A caring wife would learn how to cook other things. Foods her husband actually enjoys. I choose not to. Not because I don't care about my husband. But because I don't really like cooking. I used to "cook with love" for my family in Washington, but have long since lost that "love" for cooking. In fact, I can't really stand it.
Today Alma cooked us dinner. I felt a little guilty, but then I quickly got over that. Why? Well, today while he was cooking dinner, I was mowing the lawn. I realize that is a great trade, right?!? Alma can cook while I mow the lawn! I don't mind doing it since it only takes about 15min. to do it. :) Maybe one day I'll find that "love" for cooking and try to make something for my hubby he actually will eat. :) But until then, our lawn will be SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! :-D

Friday, May 15, 2009

exercise day two

Another beautiful, sunny day here in Salem. Another opportunity for us to go out and walk at the waterfront. We got dressed and headed out. Everything was fine during our walk, until my left calf started to tighten. We stopped so that I could stretch it out. Of course all the while I'm doing this, Alma tells me, "See hon, that's why it's important for you to stretch BEFORE you start walking." So supportive this guy. :) After my stretch, we continue to walk, but my leg just kept hurting. Of course we get to the parking lot and Alma asks me if we're gonna keep going to the bridge like yesterday. "NO. I'm done. My leg hurts." was my reply. "Really?" was his reply. He shakes his head, tells me I should work through the pain. I laugh and shake my head and politely tell him to keep going while I wait. "NO, babe we're a team." So we hope into our car and head to the grocery store to buy stuff for the house. Our half an hour walk took only 20 mins. today. However, we did do alot of walking around the dollar tree and Winco. So I think we'll call it even today. :) Tomorrow is going to be better. At least I hope it will. lol.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A beautiful day for exercise! What?!?

Yes you read right, today was a beautiful day in Salem. So beautiful that Alma and I decided to go for a walk...a pretty long one. We drove down to the waterfront, parked our cars and off we went! Tuesday evening we discussed our exercise routine. Or rather, the lack of an exercise routine. I was watching Oprah and her guest was Dr. Oz. He said if we were to walk everyday for at least 30 mins. we would start to lose weight. I thought, "hey! we could do that!" So Tuesday evening Alma and I decided that we would start walking. Wednesday rolled around and was raining! Gotta love the northwest, right? But today was BEAUTIFUL! We went downtown and started walking. It started off as a slow leisurely walk, but quickly turned into something more. We started walking faster and talking less. Pretty soon, I started to jog. But then I stopped, cause I couldn't breathe. lol. We walked and walked and walked. So far, that I was sweating! It was great! Of course my legs and butt started burning. Alma just said, "That's good! Keep going!" Idk why having a burning butt would be good thing. It felt really good to finally get out and exercise. Yes, it was just walking, but it felt great! We've decided to make this a daily routine of ours. OMG, we're that old couple that you see at parks walking together! lol Only not as cute. They're not sweating and out of breath like us. lol. Now all we have to master is our eating habits. ugh. Wish us luck!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy...take two.

Alma and I have decided to try harder to keep the sabbath day holy. Last week was our first and well...we failed. ugh. All week I was hyping myself up for this coming Sunday. I knew that it was Mother's Day and we were gonna be in Tacoma with our family. I immediately thought our goal was not going to be met. I thought I was gonna go to the store to buy more stuff we forgot to get for our dinner. Or go buy me a new dress Sunday morning, because I am too fat to fit my clothes now. Saturday night we were home before midnight AND we decided to stay home and not go out, because it was too late and we had to get ready for Sunday. :)
We got ready and made it to church. Not so much on time, but still was able to catch the entire sacrament program. I was bummed that we had just missed sacrament. I was disappointed with myself because we were late. Idk why I didn't think to iron our church clothes the night before, or make Alahzei take a bath before she went to bed. So I found myself running around Sunday morning trying to do a million things at once; make mom's mother's day breakfast, clean the kitchen, help Mua cook the food for tona'i, give Alahzei a bath, make Alahzei breakfast, make Alma breakfast, get Alahzei ready for church, iron Alma's clothes, iron my clothes, make sure mom looks BEAUTIFUL because today is her day :), figure out how to sew because there's a hole in my husband's church pants, shower, get dressed. phew! The whole time I'm doing all this, I'm wondering why I didn't do all this the night before? I'm thinking, "wow, this is hard! how do mom's do this?" 
We get to church and have a good day. We come home and have our dinner and spend time with family. The T.V. was on because my bro-in-law was watching his soccer game. Usually I would just turn on the T.V. and watch a show regardless of the sabbath day. But NOT today! yay! We were able to get through Sunday without going to the store, watching T.V., or going online. :)
We go to bed that night and talk about things we need to do to better keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Although we were able to refrain from our usual M-Sat activities that day, I still struggled to keep myself spiritually availble. Our Sunday was a big improvement from last week's. We've still got things to work on and are looking forward to being successful at reaching our goal. Yay for us!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Found out this morning about the passing of a young father/husband. Death has been this young father's certain outcome. But does it make us anymore prepared for it? How does one come to grips with their own mortality? I have often thought of this young man and wondered what is going through his mind. Was he afraid to die? Was he sad he had to leave his young family behind? Was he angry that his life is being cut short? Or was he ready to go back home? Was he happy because he was so sure of his eternal salvation? Dear Father, please comfort this family. Please help them remember thy eternal plan. Please help them feel thy presence near. Please, please, please watch over this young mother and children.
It is a known fact that death comes to us all. We do not know when it will come or how it will come; but it will come. With this knowledge, does it change how we live? Lately I have been thinking of death; my death. Am I ready? With that question comes a swift and firm, "no." I have so much I need to "perfect" before my time comes. I have so many more "i love you's" to tell my husband. Now that I'm married, concern for MY eternal salvation has turned into concern for OUR eternal salvation. It is my hope and prayer that when our time comes we will greet our mortality with happiness and peace.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy...take one.

I started reading The Miracle of Forgiveness...again. :) I remembered how powerful this book was during my "dark period" haha. I just started reading the book and I've already felt the fires of hell burning at my feet. lol. This week I decided I will try to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I woke up, said my prayers, took a shower, got ready...blah,blah,blah. Everything was okay stomach decided it wanted to dispose of some waste...two times! lol. I know that was probably too much information. haha. But because of my stomach issues, we were late to church. So late, that we only got the last 20 mins of sacrament mtg. :( We live an hour away from our ward and so we need to leave at 12pm to get there right in time for church. But all was not lost.
Alma teaches the Y.A. class and today was a good day. Our lesson was on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. We are still trying to get to know the Y.A. at our ward and so there's still a bit of "encouragement" we need to give for some class participation. Class was really good today. We talked, we laughed, we read, we shared, I cried.
Usually after Sunday School, we leave. Not today. Today I, Sis. Toelupe was feelin' it! I decided that WE will stay for the rest of church. It was combined class today, so Alma and I were together.
On our way home, I felt really good about how our Sunday was going so far. What usually gets us, is AFTER church. It's still Sunday, so we still need to honour the day right? On our way home, we are trying to figure out what we're gonna eat for dinner. I forgot to take out the chicken to defrost it. So on and on we talk about what we're gonna do when we get home and each time I ask Alma, "So what are we gonna eat?" Eventually he says, "Sushi?" I should've said, "NO." But I didn't. Needless to say our attempt at keeping today holy has failed. As of now, I am blogging and my eternal companion is playing the Wii. We really need to get better at this.

Monday, April 27, 2009

*sighs* what a great weekend!

"bye! i love you guys! drive safe! see you in two weeks!" This repeated as I stand and watch The Semeli's and my sister Jay drive away. Just an hour before that I stood on the same spot, yelling the same phrase to Maxi pants and his family. Yesterday, I hugged, kissed and said the same to the Obriens on their way out. As I stood on our driveway waving and yelling my goodbyes, it took me half a second to realize they were ALL gone. My heart sank when this realization hit. Tears immediately started flowing. I go to my room and lay on my bed. Soon after, my loving husbands comes in to comfort me. Even as I sit and type this, my eyes are still watering up.

We had so, so much fun! Nothing short of an amazing time here in the Toelupe house. We spent our days AND nights laughing so hard, we couldn't breathe. Of course in between and alot of times during, we managed to stuff our faces. :)

FRIDAY: The flyest Semelis, my sister Ajay, my Uncle Dino, Mandy Sue and Jeff FINALLY get here. A three hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive! Who stops at EVERY rest stop?!? :) They were here and we were thrilled! After everyone gets a tour of the house and we bump our gums for a while, it's off to TIN TIN'S we go! Our local chinese buffet, of course! :) We say good-bye to my Uncle and Mandy Sue then head back to our place. The O'briens show up that night. FUN, FUN, FUNTIMES! We hang out. Played the WII. Laugh, laugh, laugh, and eat. Our chairs for our dinner table are a bit wigglely wobblely, but I forgot to tell Vi'i...needless to say, we've retired that chair and he suffered a minor back injury and I'm sure his ego was also injured. lol. Maybe if Rita would not have laughed so dang LOUD and HARD for a REALLY long time, it wouldn't have been so bad. Oh yeah, AND she kept POINTING at him! Rita is so rude, sometimes! lol. The boys light up the bonfire thing we've got out back and talk stories like only boys can. :) Of course, we try and join them, but they told us we're too loud. Us? too loud? I don't get it. We all finally fall asleep at about 3am.

SAT: Woodburn shopping center! whooo hooo! We're exhausted from the funtimes the night before, but that does not stop us from waking up NOT at 7am like we planned to leave by 8am, but still earlier than our bodies wanted. Everyone comes home and goes straight to bed. That night everyone except me, mua and the kiddos goes to the J-boog, Laga Savea concert. They had a super great time! We watched the video Vi'i had on his camera and I couldn't hear any singing from J-boog, cause Vii's big mouth was singing too loud!!! lol. While those guys were at the concert, Mua and I decided we would have our own concert at home with the kids. It was sooooo hilarious! I video taped it, but I love my sister and I have decided not to post it. :) But mostly, because I haven't figured out how to do that yet. hehe. But as soon as I!

Everyone gets home and we spend the next 5 hours talking, eating, laughing. Not necessarily in that order.

SUN: Mua wakes up early, because she heard Max crying. Our deal was whoever heard him first will wake up and also cook breakfast. I heard him crying, but I knew Mua would get up, so I didn't. lol. She cooks breakfast for us. We were contimplating on whether or not we should wake Ebony up because she has a habit of eating ALL the bacon! But sure enough, she comes walking into the kitchen...dangit! She said she could smell the bacon in her room. fat kirl. ;)

The Obrien's and Alma go to church while the rest of us...don't. They go to Phyllis's ward for sacrament meeting then head to her house to get some firewood for the bonfire. We go to Silver Falls state park. Everyone except the Toelupes, Ajay, the kids, Dino and Mandy Sue actually goes down to the falls. My hubby decides to keep it real and NOT go, because he's, "Out of shape" Aj and I don't go because we need to watch the kids. What's so hilarious about this, is the last time Alma and I went to Silver Falls, we didn't go because we weren't wearing the right shoes and we didn't have an oxygen tank. This time around, I wore tennis shoes, we had water, AND yes, we had oxygen tank! LMBO! Why do we have an oxygen tank? I cannot release that reason due to privacy reasons. HIPPA laws are no joke. lol!

We finally make it back home and have a good old fashion BBQ! The Obrien's leave, because Rita has to work the next day. :( She couldn't call in, because she had already called in two days in a row to take care of Aunty when she was sick. Sucks. Thanks alot Aunty. j/k. Phyllis, Nala and the kids came over, along with a bunch of other family/friends. It was so much fun! The food was so good! That crocodile meat was SOOOOOOO GOOOOD, huh Vi'i? LMBO!

We end the night watching the video Alma recorded from our Silver Falls trip earlier that day. First, I just want to say that I had no idea I married a TOTAL CREEPSTER! lol! The guy was filming those guys when they went down to the falls. That's not the creepy part. The creepy part was when he starts filming them THROUGH A BUNCH OF TREES while they were taking the infamous "jumping pictures". I bet if they'd known they were being filmed, Ezra would have tried harder to jump like a human being instead of a frog. lmbo! and Ebony would not have been adjusting her "girls" before her jump and picking her murph TWICE after her jump. LMBO! But I'm pretty sure Rita would have STILL laughed just as hard at Ezra's frogger jump regardless. She really is so rude. lol. We couldn't HEAR them because of the distance, but I will bet money she was laughing the loudest, just like when Vi'i put our chair into permanent retirement. No manners, I tell you. :)

Of course we rewind the tape a few more times and laugh even louder each time. But what put icing on the cake was the end of the tape. Why do you ask? Is it even possible for people to laugh any harder and louder than we already were? YES, YES it is! Alma runs out of film RIGHT at the EXACT time he asks me a question and I answered, "what?" BUT my FACE is FROZEN on tape for the REST OF ETERNITY in the most UGLIEST form because he's RUN OUT OF TAPE AT THAT EXACT MOMENT! aahhhhhh!!!! Of course we laugh so hard, that I think my husband is about to pass out and I'm pretty sure somebody, if not all of these guys have peed their pants a little. lol. I should've been glad that atleast Rita wasn't there, because we all know how RUDE she is. lol. BUUUUT...instead, I had VI'I. ugh. HE'S SOOOOO RUDE!

MONDAY: We kick back today. We eat. Play the Wii. Bake cookies. Eat some more. Finish all our leftovers :) Laugh, of course. They pack up. The Tews are the first to go. :( The Semelis and my baby sister Ajay, leave a couple hours later. :( I cry...alot. My husband comforts me. :) He takes me out to eat. I finally read the card that came with Maxi's easter picture. I cry again. :( We eat. Come home. I blog.

This weekend could not have gone any better. The only people missing were the Kennach's :( We missed you guys. Hopefully next time.

We need you guys to know that we love you so very much. We are fortunate to have family as wonderful and supportive as you. We miss you everyday and ALWAYS look forward to being together again. We thank our Father in Heaven always for blessing us with you. We are proud to call you family. Thank you so much for coming. Please, please, please come back soon! We'll see you guys in two weeks! yay!

All our love,

The Toelupes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

silver falls.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, that Alma and Danny decided to take our families to Silver Falls state park. The park is tucked back in the mountains a bit, so it took us about 40-45 mins to get there. The drive was so gorgeous! We drove through all this farm land. So much beautiful greens and browns. Alma and I were discussing how much hard work these people put into keeping their land so beautiful and how much hard work it is to be a farmer. We're assuming it is, because we've never worked on a farm.

We finally get up to the park and set up. There's a river that runs through the park, that the kids were able to get wet in. It was hilarious watching the kids go running in and immediately run back out; it's a river. not a pool. So the water was FREEEEEZING! :) We were there for a couple hours enjoying the sun and each others company. But my favorite was when we actually went to the falls. Wow! It's so amazing! I always forget how really beautiful God's creations are. T0 be in the woods and see the natural beauty of it all is eye opening. There was a path leading down to the Falls where we could walk behind it and along side it, but we decided not to. We're fat and seeing how out of breath all the other people were when they were walking back UP the trail, just convinced us not to. lol. Alma and I decided that we will return and we will walk down that trail. Only next time we'll wear proper shoes, bring water, and an oxygen tank for each of us. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

one couple. two beds. and a couch.

Everyone who knows me, knows that when it comes to moe moe time I do so on the couch. It's been this way for so long. My back is so accustomed to sleeping on the couch, that when I do sleep on a bed, very rarely is it a comfortable experience for me. So sad, right? But I don't care, because I didn't mind sleeping on the couch. Alma knew this about me and was so sweet about our sleeping arrangements when we got married. He just said, "Well, we'll just have to buy a super comfy couch and put it in our room." What a sweetheart. The first few weeks we were living together, the bed was actually comfortable. Why? IDK. But it was and it was not an issue. Well, it's an issue now. I have no idea why, but all of a sudden the bed was uncomfortable. I could not get settled at night. I was always tossing and turning, complaining of back pains and as a result, keeping my poor husband awake. This kept going on, until I FINALLY found a comfortable way to sleep on our UNcomfortable bed! I had to sleep on it as if it was a day bed. You know, the short way. Of course, when my husband gets off of work that morning he tries to wake me up so I can sleep the right way and so he can fit, but I was OUT! He, being so exhausted from his night shift, decided to just let me be and go sleep in the other room. He woke up so refreshed, because I wasn't sleeping next to him tossing and turning. I woke up refreshed because I finally found a way to sleep on the bed without tossing and much. Eventually the bed became uncomfortable...again and so now I'm tossing and turning BY MYSELF. ugh. Alma, the sweet, sweet man that he is, tells me to sleep on the bed he's been sleeping on because it's alot more comfy. 8) I try it out. It's comfy enough, but then my nose gets stuffy and now I can't breathe! I am a mess people! 8-( So I decide to go back to what I know, and sleep on the couch. And only last night, have I actually been REALLY comfortable to where I couldn't even wake up this morning when Alma brought me breakfast. I know, right? I SKIPPED breakfast!!! We have been sleeping in seperate beds for the past 4 days. Is it too early in our marriage for that? I thought we had to be married at least 20 years before we slept in seperate beds! We do want to sleep in the same bed, but man, sleeping alone does have it's benefits. We, or HE's so much more refreshed when he wakes up. Today is the first time, I've actually gotten up before him AND feel refreshed! Usually he'll wake me up and I take an extra 10 mins to roll out of bed. When I'm finally ready, we go out and do whatever it is we need to do, and when we're done, I'm EXHAUSTED! I just want to go to bed! It's so bad. I know it's because I spend half the night tossing and turning.
We really do need a new bed. Or a big comfy couch to put in our room. 8) OR I can continue to sleep in the living room and he can still sleep in the room? Then we'll eventually just do our own thing. Go to church seperately, take seperate vacations, eat alone. But we'll totally REFRESHED while we're doing it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Alma took this picture of Leila on our last trip up to Tacoma. She's so adorable! We love you Leila!

portland zoo.

I realize it's Thursday, but oh well. On TUESDAY, we went to the Portland Zoo. Apparently every Tuesday it's only $2 to get in. Pretty cool. Nothing like paying money to see animals you don't really give a rats about. hehe. Anyhow, it was a great day. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the "gangmembers" were posted out front of the zoo yelling out their "hoods" to other "gangmembers" and almost getting into a fight. Of course my husband, being the concerned citizen that he is, flags down security and tells them what happens and they say, "oh yeah? ok. yeah. thanks" I look at the security and LOL, and say, "what the heck is he gonna do, babe?" Why, do you ask did I say that? Well, for starters, the guy looked scared when ALMA flagged him down. What is he gonna do to a bunch of thugs? And second, he weighed ALOT and I was wondering what is he gonna do when these thugs take off running or jump him? Get in his security cart that tops out at 30mph? These are the people that are supposed to make ME feel safe. yikes. We need better security.

Anyhoo, the zoo the great. We took quite a few pictures of these animals that I'm not gonna post, because I'm pretty sure you know what a bear looks like. 8-) We had a good time with the kids. Seeing their reactions to the animals was pretty cool. Alma and I cannot wait until we are blessed with children. Yeah. I know, right? I'M excited about being a mom! That way, I'll have better things to post about and better pictures. I'm pretty sure you guys are tired of seeing pictures of Alma. My only baby right now. 8-) So for now, here's a picture of us and our "pretends" kids; Tesi and Stella.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday.

I know I'm a day late, but I'm gonna talk about our Easter Sunday anyways. 8-) Alma and I decided to go to Phyllis' ward, because we were too tired to drive all the way out to Portland. It's an hour drive! It doesn't help that we stay up so late and because we're not teenagers anymore, we do not wake up with enough energy like we used to. ugh.
Sacrament meeting was nice. There were 4 speakers total, but one really caught my attention. I love Easter because of the special attention the atonement is given. I love the encouragement to utilize the atonement more in our lives. I love the reminders of the sacrifice our Savior made for us. I love how I am reminded of His love. I love how when I think of His love, I can feel His love. During sacrament my poor husband was struggling to pay attention, because he was trying to remember what he did with his wallet. He thought it was in the car, but it wasn't. So he was racking his mind trying to figure out what he did with it. 8-(
After sacrament meeting we decided to leave and try to find his wallet. We re-traced his steps from the day before...nothing. I felt so bad for him.
We went to Phyllis's house for tona'i and for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a bittersweet experience for me. Getting to know my new family has been a great experience for me, but it makes me miss my family so much more. Easter wasn't any different. I couldn't help but miss my family and miss watching the kids FINALLY be able to WALK around and look for the eggs. Last year Zei and Jojo were the only ones who could walk. 8) This year, Leila and Max could actually participate on their own. Watching the kids here do the same is/was...well...BORING! lmbo!
Other than the boring-ness that was the egg hunt, everything else was great. The food was freakin' AH-MAY-SING!!! That Phyllis can throw down on the shepard's pie. lol.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


jammin' with the hubby.

Alma and I are just hanging out in our living room jammin' to his guitar. We have two guitars, but I've decided to exercise some humility and just let him have the lime light. hehe. I L-O-V-E hearing him sing. Everytime he sings he never looks at me. I asked him, why. He says cause he'll laugh. I realize I'm a funny kirl, but I didn't think I was funny looking! WHAT THE H, dude?!? lol. I really need to focus on my music skills so I can join in on our jam sessions. Bobbing my head and singing off key really isn't that cool, especially if you're husband has a great voice. i love you alma!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

missing my family.

Everyday I try a little bit harder to push myself to get up and "greet the day" (thanks RD). You know, shower, fix my hair, fix my face (yay, for me finding my make-up bag!), clean the house. blah,blah,blah. I even get online and get my myspace,hotmail, bebo, facebook, blog fix. I know, I really need to cut it down. hehe. So today I read Marie's blog titled "Families are Forever". That blog only made me miss my family even more. Thanks alot Marie! :)
I am nowhere near the same situation that Kasala or even Marie is in. But I miss my family nonetheless. Granted I am only 3 hours away from them, but truthfully I feel like it's 3 million miles. I miss the noise. I miss my family. What gives me solace is that they're coming down at the end of the month. I'm really very excited about that.
I feel silly whining about this really when they're only 3 hours away. But that makes no difference to me. To go from being with my family everyday for the past 29 years to just me and my husband is really hard. Don't get me wrong. I love my new life. I do not regret marrying Alma and moving out here. I love being with him all the time. I still miss him when he goes to work! But days like today, I especially miss my family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tacoma trip

This past weekend Alma and I went up to Tacoma. We had to get a copy of our wedding certificate and some other things. Apparently me saying "i do" wasn't good enough. They need it in writing. lol. It was a beautiful weekend! We spent Sunday with Maxi and his parents. It was so good to see little Max. It's so amazing how much he has grown from the last time we saw him. Only 2 weeks ago! He's walking so much better. He's still trying to "find his base" but has gotten alot better at "looking" :) He's talking so much more now. It's so cute. After watching conference on TV, Alma wanted to go out for sushi. He found a place out on 6th ave. So we loaded up and off we went! Too bad when we got there it was closed. :( Apparently, Sushi Tama keeps the Sabbath day Holy. Unlike us. I know, we're bad. So off we go to another joint. We ended up at Sushi Revolution. Totally cute! There were all types of sushi on a conveyor belt. All we had to do was pull it off and eat. yum!!! The plates are all color coded and depending on the color, that's how we know the cost.

Afterwards we decided to go for a Sunday drive. We drove through the waterfront and ended up at Point defiance park. We pulled over at the pagoda garden and took a few pictures. We had a blast! Monday was spent at the park with the rest of our family. It was such a great day. Enjoying the sun and each others company. It was a great visit. I love you guys!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm bored.

I've spent a good amount of my life working and wishing I didn't have to work anymore. 8-) The week before my wedding, I was officially unemployed. And so I was REALLY excited about that. 8-) Now that the wedding is over, I'm still unemployed and my awesome husband is okay with it. I'm "taking a break" from the workforce. The first week we moved here to Salem, I was doing fine. AJ was with me and we were having a good time. So now AJ is gone and my husband is working nights and I'm by myself at night. I watch T.V., clean the house, do the laundry, and pick my nose. I can only wipe the counters down so many times and I can only pick my nose so much. I try to stay up as late as possible, that way it'll only feel like I'm asleep for a few hours, before Alma comes back home. 8-)
When we FINALLY get our butts out of bed, we make our lunch (cause we've slept through breakfast hours. lol) hang out and enjoy each others company. We have been staying home lately, because we're really trying to get accustomed to saving our money. And when we go out we spend money. So staying home is the next best thing for us. Especially since we're not really the "go for a walk" kind of couple. hehe. We should be, cause we're fat. But we're not. lol. So we stay home.
It's really great having this time to spend with Alma and getting to know each other. But truth is, I'M BORED!!! lol. Why? Well if I have to stare at Alma asleep on the couch ONE MORE DAY...I am going to have a heart attack!!! LMBO.
Paaga told me to get a hobby. I told her I have a hobby; blogging. hehe. I wanted to join a gym and work on my "hot summer bod" again, but now that we're trying to cut back on unecessary spending it's a no go. Sure, I could go out and run...NOT. lol. In my defense, it's been raining. So for the sake of my health, I stay inside. hehe.
I love my husband. I really do. I love my life. But is it wrong that I'm bored and counting the days to when we go up to Tacoma this weekend?