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Thursday, July 16, 2009

utah trip..

Paaga and I drove drove to Utah for Ben and Priscilla's wedding. If you read Paaga's blog, then you know it was well worth the drive. There's so much more I could include in this blog about our trip, but my inability to fully express myself through words is what stops me. I'm sure when Lili finally gets the chance to blog I'm sure she'll do a great job describing our "reunion" :) So...see Lili's blog. lol.
I'm back home now with my better half. It was great to get away but even better to be back home with mi love. :) corny! hehe. So right now, I'm sitting in the living room while my husband catches up on his ZZZ's because he works the nightshift. I'm waiting for the glass guy to come to our house. On our drive back from Utah, a rock hit our windshield and now we've got a crack. yikes! We decided to fix it on our own because it's WAAAAY cheaper then having the car rental place charge us $400 to fix it. So here I sit, alone, hungry, and sweaty cause it's still hot, waiting for Dave the glass guy. hehe.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

OSU football camp with Peedus and Lotus lol.

I guess we should've told the coaches Bo and Loti come with their own fans. :)
I think Loti's "tongan" hehe. According to my shirt I may have either gone to Kahuku H.S. or I was on the Kahuku football team. (shut up lili lol)

In between their practice, Bo and Loti still find time to pose with their fans. Loti reppin' L-town and Bo reppin' his muscles. lol.

on your mark, get set, go!!!

After Bo and Loti's last scrimmage at football camp, the REAL athletes came on the field to show them how it's REALLY done! lol.

A few of my favorite peeps. :)

I found this picture and was instantly reminded of how much fun we had that weekend. Then I was reminded of how much FATTER I've gotten since last year. bleh. At least I still have my looks, right? lol. What a great family we have!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


One of the many things I love about Alma is his desire to always improve our lives temporally. He is always thinking of ways we as a new family can increase our self-reliance and create a more secure financial future for our...future. hehe. I love that he has short-term goals and long-term goals. I love that these goals are so realistic for us, and what I really love is seeing him work towards these goals.

I have been blessed with an education that allows me to get a job enabling me to contribute to our home. What's even more wonderful about all that, is I have a husband who has willingly taken on the role as "bread winner" and has allowed me to stay home and work on my housewife skills. :) With this new life I've aquired, I've also aquired something foreign to me...a BUDGET! yikes! It's taken alot of getting used to. I no longer am able to just buy those super cute heels or that super sexy, yet church standard dress :) just cause. Instead I have had to program my brain into "You don't have the money, so keep walking and buy the toilet paper you came to buy and go straight home. Quit wasting gas." mode. LOL. We are in no way poor or in dire (sp?) need of anything. In fact, we are incredibly blessed. It's all the "extras" that are not a priority. After a few tears, mourning my once lively bank account, all is well!

Sometimes I do worry about our finances. Every month I ask Alma the same questions; Did you pay your tithing? Did you pay all the bills? Are we okay? Do you want me to go get a job? Because I can get a job. Do you want me to get a job? And every month, he answers the same; "yes babe. I paid my tithing. I paid all the bills. No, you don't need to get a job. we're fine. No. I'm serious. You don't have to. I know, you can. Thanks."

We are finishing up our application process for one of our "short-term goals". I'm excited to begin. Alma's excited, too but also a bit nervous. I keep telling him everything will be okay. But somedays I sit and wonder why the heck am I not nervous. Is is because I'm more faithful than he? Or is it because I'm not the one filling out all the applications? I don't think I have more faith than Alma. Truth is, IDK. I pray about our future. I pray about our plans. Maybe that's where my confidence comes from? Maybe I'm just SO used to having my Father in Heaven by my side that I've become confident in HIS powers? Is that the same as having faith in Him? Or am I just so blind to my arrogance that I've confused it as faith?

This coming Sunday is fast and testimony meeting. Alma and I talked about fasting. About our need to fast. What we are attempting to embark on we cannot do alone. We will not do alone. We recognize our need to have Him with us. But mostly we recognize how much we LOVE having Him with us.

Every now and then I ask Alma if he's sure this is what he wants to do. I tell him I'll be more than happy to just go get a job and we can have a "normal" life. Of course he says no. There are so many things we want to do with our life and our "short-term goals" are going to help us with our "long-term goals". All of this and I'm thinking about going back to school to FINALLY get my bachelors. Thanks alot Paaga. Thanks for freakin' setting an example for me and now I feel the need to go back. ugh. :) Wish us luck!


It's been soooo hot this summer, but these past couple days have been THE hottest! Last night, I slept with 4 fans on me! I had to move to another room in our house, because our bedroom felt like it was 100 degrees. Alma woke me up and my whole back was wet. I know, totally gross. But I was a little bit okay with that, because I figured hey, it's like I'm working out! my sleep! lol. That was my silver lining. lol
Today is no different. Still hot. Still sweaty. Still fat. Still very uncomfortable. Of course with me being so miserable I begin to get a little grouchy also. :( Alma did something, I yell back. He comes after me in the kitchen to make me laugh. I laugh. We start play fighting. I have a glass of ice water in my hand. I push him in the corner and spill the water down his pants. LMBO! I run back into the kitchen. He gets a glass of water and spills it on me. I turn on the faucet and spray him. We laugh and laugh. Our floors are wet. We clean up. Life is good. :)