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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today was a good day.

Today was a full day of family time. Earlier this afternoon the Lata's came over. So did Mosiah and the two little girls. Alma made us lunch and we hung out and talked while the kids played around. It was nice. After the Lata's left, Alma and I got to spend more time with little Tesi and baby Stella. Mosiah, too. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a hard time with children. When I say "hard" I really mean "like" lol. Don't get me wrong. I think children are beautiful and they are wonderful blessings and I hope to have one or two some day. hehe. It's when their being MONSTERS that I have a hard time remembering they're beautiful and wonderful blessings. But mostly when the children are not Leila, Maxi, Zei, Jeffrey, Xavier, Xander, or Briggy. That's when I have a hard time. I am in love with these kids. And when they're being MONSTERS, I let them know and I tell them to freakin' HUSH UP! I can't do that with other kids. It's not right. And I am all about doing what's right! haha.
So when the kids come over I take a deep breath and tell myself, they're beautiful and they're wonderful blessings. hehe. When I saw how my husband lit up when he saw Tesi and Stella, it melted my heart. I saw how much he adored these girls and was reminded of how much I am in love with my kids back home.
He was singing Barney songs while playing the guitar. Watching Tesi sing along and dance reminded me of when Zei was her age and going through her Barney stage. It was so cute. Seeing Stella walking and trying to "find her base" so she doesn't fall reminded me of my Maximo. Only difference was she "found her base" alot more than my little Maxi pants. lol. I believe he's still looking for his. lol. Once she fell on her face and out of habit, I LOL'D. She's fine. Even Alma laughed. Probably out of habit at laughing at Max. hehe.
At one point during our one-on-one with the girls, Tesi (age 2) wakes up from her nap and is crying. Mosiah carries her and tries his best to soothe her. He's walking up and down the hallway, to and from the kitchen. Rocking her, singing to her, trying to figure out what is wrong with her. He got nothing. She still cries. Actually by this time, she's sobbing. So uncle Alma tries to soothe her. Nothing works. All the while I'm sitting at the dinner table, creepin' on myspace. hehe. Then I hear Alma say, "Eh, Tesi that's enough. Stop crying." I giggle to myself. Why? Because if Tesi were Leila and all this was happening. You wouldn't hear what Alma said. You'd hear something more along the lines of, "LEILA! HUSH YOUR FREAKIN' MOUTH! GOSH!" Then it may or may not be followed by a shove. lol.
The Lata's come back later that evening along with Phyllis and her family. Danny made us this AMAZING seafood pasta. It pays to have a chef in the family. We enjoyed our dinner while the kids enjoyed running around.
I was skeptical being surrounded by other people and their children other than "the crew" back home. But today was a really great day. These "other people" and "their" children are more than that. They're family.
I've always known how much Alma loves children. Anyone who knows him, knows that about him. Seeing him today with the kids ALMOST made me want to have kids, now. lol! j/k. Today was a good day.

Monday, March 30, 2009

what, we're on a budget?

Alma and I are new to this marriage. There a lots of things we have to "adjust" to. For instance, I've never had to worry about making a mortgage payment. I haven't had a car payment in so long, because I own my car. I don't have to make insurance payments, because I don't have any. lol. The only bills I've had to worry about are the electric bill, energy bill, and sewer bill. And whatever else bill I have to pay from my previous idiot-ness haha. Either way, it's never added up to a mortgage.

Now that we're married and his bills have turned into OUR bills and I'm gonna be honest; I'm getting a little scared! I've been spoiled in not having had the responsibility to pay for a mortgage. Now, I do. Alma and I were discussing our financial status as of today and discussing ways we need to decrease our frivilous (sp?) spending. It really boils down to QUIT EATING OUT! ugh. I guess I'll be skinny in no time, huh? hehe.

I just worry about our mortgage and having a place to live. I can deal with the no food in the house, because, well, we never had food in our house. hehe. I can even deal with the no TV. But being homeless is a thought I cannot bare. But it's not bad at all. We have been blessed a million times over. I count my blessings and am grateful that we even have a mortgage, or that my husband has a job that pays for our mortgage. I'm grateful that we are alive, healthy, and able to even discuss our options in regards to our finances. There are so many people out there who do not have a house or a job. Thank you Jesus! (mua, stop laughing at me! hehe)

So after our discussion, Alma and I decide that living on top ramen for a bit is a piece of cake! (hmm...cake. lol) We give each other high-fives and, we can start tomorrow. Let's go eat! lmbo!!! j/k. but i wish i wasn't. hehe. i love you alma!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

eh, blog so'o

So every now and then Alma will log onto our blog and check out what I've been writing. He read my blog about his Dr's appt and his unwillingness to listen to me. 8-) While reading my blog, he says, "babe, why you put me on blast like that for?!? Now everyone knows my business." When he says "business" he means his reflux and ABO's. I tell him as lovingly as I can, "honey, nobody cares about your reflux and ABO intake." He didn't think that was funny.
The whole while he's complaining about my "blogging", I'm thinking in my mind, "i hope he realizes I'm gonna blog about this." hehe. I love you Alma. I know you're reading this and shaking your head. hehe.
But let me make this clear ladies and gents. My husband may complain about this blogging thing and say, that I "blog so'o" but he is okay with it. Just as long as I don't blog about things like this one time when Alma and I just kidding!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

friends, how many of us have them?

I've always been grateful for the group of friends that I have. They're my friends, but I consider them more than that. I call them my family. It's always a good time with these people. Always. I'm not even exaggerating either. There is so much history there. So many things we've gone through together and yet we still remain so close. Our last weekend in Tacoma, Alma and I decided to have a BBQ with our family one last time before we left. Of course it was full of fun, fun, funtimes! It's a blessing to be a part of these wonderful people. You know who you are. I love you guys a million times over!!! Party at the Toelupe's house, if you guys would just get in yours cars and drive South to Salem!!! whoooo hooooo!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

more vegas pics.

I realize i describe the lovely lights and hotel in vegas and all i put up was pics of me and alma with no lovely lights and no lovely hotel. lol sorry! hopefully these pics will suffice. enjoy. again.

honeymoon in vegas...

When we were planning our wedding, we were also thinking about different places we could go for our honeymoon. There were a bunch of different places we thought of. Hawaii, San francisco, camping (alma laughed when i said this, cause he knows how i really feel about camping) to even just going home. One night Alma calls me and says why don't we go to vegas? I said okay, since I've never been I figured, why not? So he does some research and finds us a great deal on a hotel, air fare and car rental. So after our wedding, that following Tuesday, off to Vegas we go!

It was so much fun!!! The lights were amazing! Our hotel was freakin' BOMB!!! ( I know, that word is so 1997. oh well. I still like it. hehe) and the food was REALLY good. hehe. We did alot, alot, alot of walking. We also went to the Hoover Dam. Oh yeah, and we won some money. hehe. Here are some of our pics. Yay! I finally have a camera to download pictures! I know, my page can been somewhat interesting now. hehe. Enjoy!

married life.

We've been back here in our new home since Monday. Ajay has been with us, and so it's been great still having at least one of my sisters with me. But that is not why I write to you today. We have had ZERO hot water since we got back. So needless to say that our showers have been nothing short of FREEEEEEEEEEZING cold!!! Alma went out to the garage to try and "fix" our water heater. Shortly after going outside he comes back in and asks for my help. So I go to the garage with him and he asks me to smell around the water heater for gas. "What?!?" I don't smell anything, but I start to second guess my smelling senses, because I'm afraid I'll mess up and he'll blow us up! So now I'm on my hands and knees trying to smell for gas. I say no, but I'm still scared. I tell him don't light anything because I don't want to die. We just got married. He laughs and says, "eh, it's okay." I think to myself, "funny how he'll have a heart attack over me touching the laptop screen with my fingers, but doesn't budge at the thought of blowing his lovely bride up in smitherines" He isn't able to re-light the pilot on our water heater. We're still alive. Alma calls the water heater people (i'm sure there's an actual name for them, but I like "water heater people") and they cannot come out until Thursday. It's Monday, people! The "water heater people" rep, then continues to offer Alma the number of a private contractor who can come out ASAP. So he calls the private contractor and they agree to come out, but for a small fee that "must be paid upon arrival" (their words exactly). "okay" says my husband. "how much is this small fee?" The WHP (water heater people will now be known as "WHP") rep says, "$90.00" I hear my husband almost choke on his saliva and say, "you're going to charge me $90 just for you to come to my house and light the pilot?" I'm thinking the WHP rep says, "yes. do you want me to send them out?" My husband says, "no." then hangs up. He has decided that we will suck it up for a few days and wait until Thursday. Thank you my loving husband.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Alma paid for a hotel room just so Ajay and I could take a HOT shower. Apparently he started to feel guilty. Or he started to smell my armpits. lol. gross, I know. but still funny nonetheless. lol. So yesterday we finally took a hot shower and it WAS GREAT!!!! And I'm happy to report that my armpits are smelling just fine.

This morning (thursday) the WHP worker came out and lit our pilot light for the water heater. Yay!!! No more FREEEEZING cold showers!!!! So I am even more happy to report that my husband will no long fall victim to my smelly armpits. That is, unless I do not utilize our hot water. lol.

Lunch with Paaga, Lili and the monsters. I mean, Ariel, Leila and the monsters.

So this past Monday I had lunch with Leila, Ariel and their monsters, I mean mothers. hehe. It was really nice to spend some time with Lili and Ariel. It was for an opportunity that I am grateful to have had. I miss her. I miss her sisters and her mom. I miss the boys, too. And that Uale Toa. Him and his thought provoking statements. haha.
She still cracks me up. Just listening to her when she talks, I realize that she is still the same. Her personality is still the same. So hilarious! It's a wonderful thing when people can come together after so many years of not speaking and pick up where they left off. Yes, the conversation topic has changed to something more mature like why Ariel only has one of two pigtails left in her head, or why Leila is being a creep and keeps trying to touch Ariel. Or even why Paaga has stains and a big hole in her sweats. The conversation piece does not matter, what matters is the love that was there so many years ago has found it's way back.
I know that it is only because of the Gospel that we are friends again. Knowing the power of the Atonement and being a first had witness of it's blessing has enabled me to utilize it in my life. So many things I have been forgiven for. So many more things I have been able to accomplish through His forgiveness. But there was always this one thing that I had on my shoulders. This one thing I could not let go. So when Lili and I had finally spoke via bebo (lol) the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and then RECEIVE it, was so wonderful. The weight was lifted and my life FINALLY felt more complete. I thank my Heavenly Father for all this.
So many of my memories from my youth include the Toa family. Every time I drive by Ft. Lewis I think of them. Every time I see a big burgundy and white van I think of them. lol. And every time I hear people talk about kopai I will ALWAYS think of them. lol.
Thanks for the great day girls. I love you guys.

The married far.

Alma's been feeling alot better since he's been taking his ABO's and his other med. Funny how when he got back from his Dr's appt, I asked him what he was prescribed. "I got an antibiotic for my cough and throat and I have to take prilosec for my reflux." When I say funny, I don't mean by funny "haha" but funny, like I told this guy a LOOOOOOOONG time ago to take prilosec for his reflux. You think he listened?!? Of course not, which is why he only JUST NOW started taking it because his Dr. said for him to. Of course I share this with him and he just looks at me and laughs going, "I know, hon." hehe. "sorry." hehe. Then proceeds to try and give me a hug. And do I let him?!? uh, heck yes. He's my husband and I love him. Plus, he gives REALLY great hugs. lol.
Note to self: next time Alma gets sick, instead of telling him what he needs to do, play dumb and just make a Dr's appt.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

salem, or day 1

So we've finally made the move to Salem, OR. We loaded up our cars and headed down the freeway towards my new home. Aj drove my car and I drove Alma's car, while Alma coughed up a lung the whole way here. Poor baby. He's been sick since we left Vegas. Maybe we should've went to Utah. lol.
It so weird thinking that we're now married. We still giggle when we talk about us now being married and how I'm his wife and he's my husband. It's cute. I love knowing that we have been sealed together for this life and the next life to come.
I feel so bad for Alma. He's been coughing and coughing so bad that now his stomach is sore. He also has a sore throat. So me, being the super wife that I am, I call and make him an appointment with our local Dr's office. 8-)
As for me, I've had a sore throat since we left Vegas, also. Only instead of me calling our local Dr's office, I have to just call my local medicine cabinet and try to figure it out on my own. Ua leai se insurance! hehe. So far being married is SWELL! lol.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love my family...

So here we are again sitting in the living room jammin' to Alma's tunes on the guitar and laughing our butts off. At least we're laughing our butts off, Alma looks like he's regretting his decision to marry me. lol. Probably because we're ruining his music. I like to call it "music enhancement" He may call it other things. hehe. I love my family.

Only we can sit and laugh our butts off at things like internal bleeding. "The kids are hitting each other so hard they might have internal bleeding." We burst out in laughter. "hahahaha internal bleeding!" Then we laugh at the fact that we're laughing at the kids having internal bleeding. I love my family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

to be loved...

Hi blog world. It's me, toga. I'm tired. I'm hungry. but at least my legs are shaved. lol. I love this blogspot thing. I love being able to read others thoughts and experiences. They've actually inspired me to do a better job at blogging. So here I sit on my couch at 1 in the afternoon while my fiance is outside doing "man stuff" with CJ and his gramps trying to figure out what to "blog" about. My life is only interesting at the moment because I'm getting married this Saturday. hehe. I think I've pretty much said all I can say about this wedding. At least I think I have. Let's keep typing and see what happens...
Last night Paaga and I decided to practice my makeup and hairdo for Saturday. That way she'll know exactly what to do come the day. I know, how responsible of us. So she does my makeup and does my hair and everything turned out great. So I decided to put my dress on and shoes and the whole nine. So we go upstairs and she helps me get dressed. How pretty was I?!? lol. I initially decided I wasn't going to wear a veil, because I really wasn't a big fan. But we tried Pai's on, just to see because I looked like something was missing. And lo and behold, it was a veil! Anyhow, so we're getting excited. Paaga starts tearing up, and then I start tearing up...big fat babies. lol. Then Mom comes home and Ajay comes upstairs and we're just oooohing and awwing and how awesome I look. (how humble am I, right now?!? hehe) I make the mistake of walking by Tina's room. Why you ask? Well, she sees me and asks, "Who's getting married?" I said, "I am." You'd think because she is my grams and that she raised me and the fact that I call her mom, you'd think she'd have something really special to say. No. She didn't. Matter fact, she didn't say anything. Instead she let out a huge..."BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" But I'm gonna blame the dementia. Oh, to be

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's Sunday. We're getting married on Saturday. I quit my job last Friday. So far, things are looking sweeeet!