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Monday, October 12, 2015

PSfit (late post)

In my quest to become physically fit (I'm currently failing... ) I have inadvertantly let my spiritual "fitness" go down the drain. :( Because of this, my attitude and my whole demeanor had become so negative. As mentioned in my previous blog, I was not a happy girl.
I have since making in a point to have prayers in the morning with Simione and read my scriptures EVERYDAY, during waking hours. Not when I'm in bed. Reading in bed has been something I've always done but has not always been beneficial.
This week I've been thinking/praying and preparing myself spiritually and mentally for the upcoming General Conference. I'm really excited to hear the prophet speak as well as our other leaders. So excited!!! I've been thinking about Sami's (cousin) IG name; PSfit. Physically and Spiritually fit. I began thinking of my 100 year quest of trying to get physical fit. I was doing pretty well the first couple weeks and just like every other time, I fell off the wagon. The wagon basically ran me over and I have been left walking the fat, out of breath, over eating road alone. This week I've been trying to get myself back on the wagon. I started thinking of being physically fit but more specifically becoming spiritually fit. Just like always, I start off really great and on top of everything, but something or another happens, and I eventually fall of the spiritual wagon. I hate that!
Living in Laie makes it easier for me to stay on the wagon though. I can see the temple from my front lawn. Here's to me getting pSfit! xoxo

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  1. I'm with you. I hate this battle. Not just the physical but the spiritual. You got this! You've always inspired me spiritually. I love you.