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Monday, November 2, 2015

A year of Firsts...

This year will be a year of "firsts" for me and my little family. Since moving to Hawaii, we've been able to do things here in Laie for the "first" time. We experienced our first New Year's here which was pretty awesome. I only took one pic of us and we're super hashed cuz we were still on WA time lol. I'll try to find that pic and post it later. This past week/weekend we went to our first trunk or treat and celebrated Halloween Laie style which was nothing short of amazing! We purchased Simione a pirate costume in August while we were at Costco because he really wanted one. He wore it for 3 days straight hahaha! As we got closer to Halloween I decided to buy him another costume because I wasn't so sure he would fit the pirate costume because it looked a bit snug on him. Well, he wore it to the primary trunk or treat and it fit just fine. He was so cute!!! My boy gets so excited about going places where there are kids but when he gets there he gets so scared. He won't let go of my hand and it glued to my side. It takes him a while to get adjusted and he'll leave my side. Other times, he'll just stick by my side and won't let me go. I feel so bad for him. When I see him, I see me. The fear and apprehension when walking into a room full of people who stare at you. Even now as an adult, I still struggle with walking in a crowded room. I sure do hope he grows out of this and takes after his "Mr Aloha" dad. lol
Halloween here in Laie is amazeballs!! The entire neighborhood comes out and participates. Our street (Iosepa St.) is the most popular and live street. Our neighbors set up a photo booth to fundraiser for the Elementary school and our neighbors two houses down set up a huge eazy corner and had their music blasting!!! So fun! We have become friends with the Muaina's across the street. (love them) and they were having a get together with good food and a jumpy house for the kids. The houses a few doors down also had their music bumpin with lights. Simione had a blast and so did we! Here are a few pictures from that night.

Along with celebrating our first Halloween here, Alma took us to our first Kahuku HS football game. The boys made it to the playoffs and we HAD to go. :) We didn't have any Kahuku shirts, but we did have red shirts. Alma didn't think it was good enough so we went to the school to purchase our red raider shirts haha! We had so much fun at the game! The vibe there was insane!!!! It is impossible to go to this game and NOT stand up and yell and cheer and sing! I loved every moment of it. I was cheering like I went to Kahuku! lol! It was a great game vs Mililani. We came out on time (I knew we would) 20-7 Kahuku. We going to the ship! What a great night. I can't wait to go to states!

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  1. You guys are awesome parents! Looks like you're having a blast.